Thursday, February 24, 2011

So He Had A Bad Day

We enjoyed a getaway this past few days. We were just south of Memphis in the Tunica Mississippi area. We had a nice time and, as we were leaving the area, Mr. Right spotted a photo op that turned into an even better photo op. Here's what caught his eye and caused him to suggest that I get a picture:

While I was capturing this photo, a bird appeared to fly out of the top of the silo and I captured him too.

I photographed him as he flew by and it wasn't until I reviewed the pictures in my camera that I realized the drama that I had unwittingly captured.

And, even though this hapless rodent got to fly before he died and he saw the world from a birds eye view, I'm pretty sure it wasn't on his top ten wish list.

Here's the triumphant predator looking for more prey:

Probably a red-tailed hawk right?

And here's another from the series of pictures that we really stopped to capture.

And here's a camouflage hut for sure.

Ultimately, though, the shots of the day were the ones I caught by accident.


  1. The fuzzy silos and hut being reclaimed by the land are good, but I like the birds shots, too. It's not often you get to see one of those big suckers fly by carrying a rat.

  2. Wow, those are something. Nature at it's most real. Be sure and check your email.


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