Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Capture - Red

I'm back. I hope. I've missed You Capture - the challenge, the fellowship, and even the competition though there isn't any. Just fellowship and maybe a tiny bit of competition. You know capturing that photo that collects gasps audible in print.

Well I didn't capture any of that kind of spectacularness but I did capture red and this red can be in honor of Beth. Sure I planned it that way.

And there was red for sure last week in Anna's talent show.

Maybe the red in the next picture is a little too vibrant. Obviously photo editing is not my strong suit.

You think this is blurry read. It may be but it's also snowy red.

And I didn't know it but there are red accents all over the place out there. All I had to do was look.

If you like 'seeing red' and want to see more of it, visit Beth at Ishouldbefoldinglaundry.


  1. You were missed : ) You captured red perfectly. I am sorry about all of the accidents. Accidents freak me out! The snow sure is pretty though. I bet the talent show was awesome!

  2. Found you @ you capture -- I like the photo of the honda break lights. I have the same car, same color LOL

  3. Yay!! I'm soooo happy you're back!! You really were missed. I think all of these pictures are really cool. I really like the B. I also really, really like those pictures of that beautiful 16 yr old girl pretending to be Anna! Lol I can't believe how big she's getting!! Great capturing Grandma!!


  4. Well, well, well....look who is back. FINALLY. Geesh. Never again. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your pictures and I think you did a great job of capturing some that I never would have noticed. The girls look fab in their red hats and I love the red B...for Beth, of course. Who would have thought of a brake light? Very cool!

  5. Yay, you're back. I missed you. I hope all is well. I should have looked harder to find red.

  6. I love your red objects, especially of your granddaughter. I bet the talent show was a blast!

  7. Missed you my friend. Great captures. Now, we really have to plan our date with Rhonda.


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