Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jenna

A year ago or so I wrote a post about Jenna since we were celebrating her ninth birthday.

Today she turns ten years old so last night we chatted on the phone. She was on her way home from softball practice because last summer she was invited to play club softball with a traveling team. So I interviewed her as she traveled home.

So you're going to be ten tomorrow. Are you excited? Yeah

Why? Because I like my birthdays. They're fun.

When you're ten, does that mean you're a preteen? NO. That's when you're eleven.

Are you going out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate? Yeah

Where will you go? I don't know yet but I get to pick.

Who's going to go? Me, Jeremy and mom and I don't know if Amber's going to come or not.

How do you like having a big sister like Amber? I like it!

Why? Because she's fun to visit and I like it because it's cool having an older sister.

You're only nine years old right now and already you're an aunt. Do you like that? Yeah.

What do you like about having two nephews? I like them because I like to feed them a lot and it's fun to have them around and it's fun to be an aunt.

Which one is the most fun? They're the same.

How is school? Good!

Do you like it? Uh huh.

What kind of grades do you get? All A's and one B.

Are you naughty in school? No! I'm one of the best kids in the class.

What makes you one of the best kids? My good behavior because I listen all the time to my teacher and I do my work good.

Do you have to stand in the corner very often? Nope, never.

What is your favorite subject? Ummmmm, I want to say Literacy Activities. It's like where you read with the teacher or by yourself and you do writing.

Do you have a BFF? Yeah, Chelsea.

What is she like? Ummm, she's really nice and she is very helpful to me. She's really smart and she's one of the best kids in the class, too.

Who's your favorite cousin? Anna

Why? Because she's really fun to play with.

Do you have a boyfriend? Ewww, I don't have one. Boys are icky.

Even Jeremy (her brother)? Yeah, kind of.

What's your favorite season - Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Spring.

Why? Because the weather is just perfect.

What do you like to do outside in the perfect weather?

I like to play softball.

Is that your favorite sport? Yeah

Why? Because you get out there and work hard and have fun.

What position do you play? Pitcher and sometimes first base.

What kind of pitching do you do? Windmill.

Are you good? Yeah, I'm fast at pitching.

What's the name of your softball team? The Thunderbirds.

Do you think you might play more sports someday? Ummm, I think I might do gymnastics or something.

If you had to decide right now what you'll be when you grow up, what would it be? Teacher or professional softball player.

Why? Because it looks like fun to do all that stuff.

Jenna couldn't think of any more interesting things for me to tell you, but I could. She's a sweet, lovable, and helpful girl who is sensitive to the feelings of everyone around her and anxious to spread happiness wherever she goes.

So, Jenna, we're wishing you a very, very happy tenth birthday. We love you very much!


  1. Happy Birthday to Jenna! That last picture of her is really good. It's cool that she plays softball and pitches in that style so young. I never really thought about it, but I guess that has to start pretty early. I grew up in the city and we just didn't have stuff like that.

  2. I love love love this post. How fun! I could go back and stare at this pictures all day. I love the one of her first day of preschool posing on the porch! I'll never get over how tiny she was when she was born, either. Thanks, Mom. Jenna really enjoyed reading this before school, too!

  3. Another great birthday post! I can't believe how many January bdays we have!! ....LOVE the pics of her on her first day of preschool!! Way too cute!! I also love the picture of her and Jeremy when they were itto! I can't take it! Happy Birthday, Jenna! You're such an awesome girl and we all love you sooooooo much!

  4. Another wonderful birthday post. You are so lucky to have such awesome grandkids. Happy Birthday Jenna!


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