Friday, January 7, 2011

In One Short Week

We all know how fast babies change especially when we're not looking. That's what happened during our Christmas week. Of course we were looking but some of us (me) were too sick to pay enough attention.

We started the week with the posse of the future. Zachary, 2 1/2; Jack almost 2; Trey, just turned 1; Eli, 9 months; and Dane, 4 months. Can you imagine 5 little boys under 2 1/2? Of course, Zach and Jack were busy boys doing everything little boys do, but the three younger ones were in different stages of development.

Trey crawled all over the place and walked along furniture. Eli sat on the floor and played happily, occasionally scooting to where he needed to be. And Dane rolled around like it was his job. The only thing challenging about it for him was that he wasn't a big fan of tummy time and sometimes had to figure out how to return to his back and the position that he preferred.

By the time the week was over, this boy had walked eleven steps without holding onto anything:

And this boy had crawled perfectly halfway across the living room:

And this boy had figured out that tummy time wasn't half bad if he propped himself up on his elbows where he could watch the world go by:

Now I just have one question. If these little boys can change this much in one week, what is Christmas week going to be like a year from now?

I can hardly wait to find out.


  1. I bet you'll see something like this...

  2. It is so amazing to have all of those sweet little boys around, I remember last year talking about what it was going to be like this year with the new babies and the little ones, and now to try to imagine next!! I can't wait!!

  3. They are going to give you a run for your money next year. What one doesn't think of, the other will. You better rest up before that week.


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