Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jack!

Two years ago today, our first great grandson, Jack, was born in Garden City, Michigan. Because of a dream his great grandfather had prior to that day, we referred to him as Superbaby. I wrote about him on his first birthday here.

Last night, with his mother's help, I interviewed him. You may not think a two-year-old has many important things to say, but you'd be wrong. Here's what Jack shared last night.

What's your favorite animal?

A cow.


I like it. Because!

What color do you like best?


What toy do you like best?

My car...and my truck....and my choo choo train....and my puzzle...and my book...and the TV.

(He never mentioned a Jack In The Box)

What TV show do you like?


Did you go to the doctor today? (Jack has a rash - a reaction to the antibiotic he's taking)


What did the doctor say?

He repeated back, "What did the lady say?"

When pressed for an answer, he resorted to his signature reaction in uncomfortable situations. He rolled his eyes - twice.

What food do you like?


What else?

Grilled cheese...and chocolate milk.....and jello.

What song do you like?

He answered by belting out, DJ, Turn it UP Up Up (from the song We Are Who We Are)

He also likes Poker Face by Lady GaGa.

And here's a little more about Jack. He had a baby brother in August.

Night before last he had trouble sleeping. When his mom when into his room, he asked where Ethan was and then where Mary was. Ethan and Mary are his cousins from Louisville that he very seldom sees but who he just spent a week with at the Christmas house. When his mom told him that they were home sleeping, he asked where Ryan was. Ryan is his 18-year-old cousin from Waverly, Nebraska. Jack is definitely a thinker.

We should also note that he adores his young Aunt Jenna and Uncle Jeremy.

So, Happy Birthday, Jack. We're wishing you a year full of growth, adventures, and fun.


  1. He's such an awesome little boy! Great interview!

    Happy Birthday, Jack!

  2. I loved the interview, too. Jack in the Box? LOL! All of the pictures are good but I LOVE the last one. And the one of him hugging the baby. Happy birthday, Jack!

  3. What a great post! I love the interview too! I can't believe how well he did! Happy Birthday Sonny! Lol.....btw Grandma, I think the interview thing is an awesome idea! It will be so cool to look back at these someday!

    And the pictures are great! I love the one with him and Grandpa! I hadn't seen that one of him hugging Dane, but it makes my heart melt!! So great!

  4. Oh do I love this post! His interview is so dang cute, it really is amazing that you can talk to a 2-year old like you do with him. He's a smart cookie! Love the post! Happy Birthday, Jack! We love you so much!

  5. I love this post. It reminds me of how much I am waiting for Noah and Anna's birthday interviews. I remember when you were all waiting for this little guy to be born. Time just goes to fast anymore.

  6. Hes's such a great little cute cousin :)


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