Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, Noah

Seven years ago today, our thirteenth grandchild, Noah Daniel, was born.

I wrote about him last year for his 6th birthday.

This year I decided to interview each of our grandchildren for their birthdays, not realizing that it's a tradition that Beth started years ago. So this year there will be two Noah interviews and I wouldn't be too surprised if they have similar questions. But since I've already done two grandchildren interviews, I have to do the last 19 and that includes this one with Noah.

So tonight I chatted with him on the phone. I knew that he and his family had just gone bowling so that seemed like a good place to start the interview.

Did you have fun bowling?

Yes, I got a strike and a spare and a split!

Which do you like better, bowling on Wii or bowling at the bowling alley.

Bowling alley.

What did you like about being six?

I liked going to the fair.

What do you think you'll like about being seven?

I don't know.

Do you like school?


What's your favorite subject?

Rocket math. It's where you have to write as many answers as you can in one minute. I have to do 40 of them which I can do. Ummm, my hand is getting tired from holding the phone.

Well, just a couple more questions, okay? (Then he had some questions for me.)

How many is a couple?

About eight (laughing).

Oh, I thought it was four.

Then I asked him what his favorite outside game is.


What's your favorite game in the house?

Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 because it has Yoshi in it.

Do you like having a brother?


Why do you like Eli so much?

Because he plays with a lot of people.....especially Mom.

Are you good friends with Anna?

A little.

What's your favorite season - Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

Winter because it has a lot of snow and you get to play in it.

What's your favorite animal?

I don't have a favorite animal.

What's your favorite food?


What's your favorite restaurant?

Industrial Revolution.

(Having lunch at Industrial Revolution with some of his cousins.)

How much money do you have?

About 63 dollars and 79 cents.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A doctor.

What kind of doctor?

The kind that takes the babies to houses. (I think he wants to deliver babies.)

(Noah thought this bench looked like a doctor's examining table.)

What other interesting things can you tell me about yourself?

What? Oh, I have more answers.

So we concluded our interview because I was out of questions. But tonight when I was talking with my son about the difficulties of broiling pork chops to that perfect point, it reminded me of a Noah story. Beth had made pork chops for dinner and when they were eating, Noah asked what kind of meat that was. Beth told him it was pork and he replied, "Wow! Pork sure is chewy!"

I do have a couple more interesting facts about Noah.

He's a kind, interesting, thoughtful and practical boy with a sunny disposition and a positive outlook. And we're wishing him a very, very Happy Birthday!


  1. If I had a web cam, you'd see a very broad grin on my face. Especially after "pork sure is chewy"! I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love your interviews. Thanks for sharing them and your wonderful family with us.

  2. ooooh, these photos are priceless! He is SO AMAZING! *wipes tears*

    And I don't have that photo of the kids and I at the fair. Share, please! (he chose Red Robin for tonight, btw!)

  3. He is such a doll. You are a good Grandma.


  4. OH, I love this so much. Especially "pork sure is chewy!" :) Two Noah interviews is still not enough, he's such a peach!

  5. Noah is a pretty funny cousin especially when he pretends to sleep at the Christmas house he thought I was to make sure that everybody couldn't get up until 9 so i just told him he could get up lol it was pretty funny! :)

  6. I just love this boy. He was definitely one of my very favorite preschoolers in the last 18 years.

  7. I super love last year's birthday picture because I got him that green shirt.;) I remember finding it at target and knowing Noah would love all the green. He's such a wonderful boy. I'm so glad to know him.

  8. Another fun interview, I don't care if there was 5 of them, I could never get tired of reading the. He has great answers and it was so funny that he was trying to end it. Of course Noah is the nicest boy ever so he would continue no matter what. Thanks again for the great post and awesome pictures!! Happy Birthday, Noah!


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