Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bits and Pieces

There are a few things I want to follow up on.

I'll start with generic products. Recently I wrote a post about a medicine cabinet makeover that Walgreens did for me. In addition to removing some outdated products, Walgreens added some products to enhance the usefulness of my medicine cabinet. I didn't mind that all the products were Walgreens brand but I wasn't real excited about it either. I'm just not a huge proponent of 'store' brands. Or at least I wasn't.

I've really had only one occasion to use one of their products so far. For that instance I'll refer to this post where I pitted, sliced, and then glass-chipped all my strawberries. I didn't mention in that post that while I was slicing, I cut my finger a little. It wasn't terrible but it bled some and even though the blood matched the colors of the berries, I felt compelled to cover the cut. The thing was, I was working in water and it's hard to find a good band-aid that will stay on in difficult circumstances. I reached up and the first box of band-aids I grabbed was the Walgreens brand so I tried one. It was excellent. It not only stayed securely in place while I finished glass-glazing my berries, it stayed on as long as I wanted it to afterwards -actually more than 24 hours.

Definitely I'll have to re-think my aversion to store brands.

Then on Monday I wrote a post about our fireworks/date night and how there seemed to be something dragging under the car right after we backed up in that weedy parking lot. Turns out it was part of the car and it will cost $205 to repair it properly. Right now the old damaged part is tacked up but in a couple of weeks we'll have to have the new one put in and shell out the two clams +.

And now the best bit or piece is that one of our Army sons, Dan from Colorado Springs, is coming to town Friday with his family. This is the most awesome news EVER! I can hardly wait and I've got tons to do to get ready for them. That's why I'm ending this post now.

But I'll definitely do You Capture tomorrow and on Friday I'll talk about that doctor's appointment I was so vague about last Friday.

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  1. I've been in the habit of buying store brand stuff for a while now, we really like the Meijer brand a lot, almost everything we get is awesome. I'm glad their off brand band-aids were there when you needed them. Can't wait to see everyone next week!


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