Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heroes In Every Way

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment very close to the state line so it was about a 40 minute drive. It was one of those appointments where you wait a long time for it and dread having it because you are pretty sure the diagnosis isn't going to be good.

So all the way there I was nervous and uneasy - completely focused on getting there in time and remembering all the things I needed to talk about with him.

And the way home was pretty much the same - only now I was distracted by the information I'd gotten and a little unnerved by the whole situation.

As I passed the exit where Mr. Right gets on I-94 to come home from work, I noted that it was about the time he should be getting on and I contemplated calling him but I thought he'd be so surprised if I were suddenly right ahead of him or right behind him. Then I saw an Officer of the Law in the left shoulder and it caused me to call him - just in case. It wasn't that I thought he'd be speeding or anything because he usually doesn't but I thought 'better safe than sorry'. As it turned out, he hadn't come to him so he was forewarned - just in case. Anyway, the important thing is that we figured out I was about two miles ahead of him.

Then about 2 1/2 miles from home, my engine died. Oh my gosh, I thought, I can't believe we've got car trouble - then I saw the low gas warning light and realized I had run out of gas. I won't even go into how astonished I was that I had never even noticed the low gas light or even looked at the gas gauge. I realized I was even more distracted than I thought. I called Harry who answered just as he passed by me on his way home from work by saying "Was that you?"

He didn't call me an idiot or dumb or anything out loud and I appreciated that. He went home to get the gas can and then had to drive back about ten miles to the last exit and turn around to rescue me. I didn't mind. I had a book that I'd planned on reading while I waited for my appointment and, as it turned out, I never got past the first page.

Now here's the point of this post. While I waited a car suddenly pulled over about 2 1/2 or 3 blocks ahead of me. A young man got out and sprinted all the way back to my car. I opened the window and he said, "Ma'am, what's wrong?" I told him I had run out of gas and my husband was on the way. He said, "Oh, good. You're okay then?" When I assured him I was, he sprinted all the way back to his car, got in and drove away.

And here's the kicker. He was wearing the same uniform that my sons wear every day that they work. In my opinion he was one of this country's finest. When the boys got scholarships for military school, the Army was looking for young men with good characters. Here was just another example.

I was so proud!


  1. TEARS. Amazing. Thoughtful. I know that warmed your heart X 1,000,000. Thank you for sharing the best blog post I've seen in a long time.

    P.S. Doesn't your gas light *ding* ?? :)

  2. Beautiful post, Mary.

    {i hope everything is okay??}


  3. Oh I LOVE this post, I love this story, I love everything about it. There are good people out there, and I'm thankful to the young man that stopped to check on my Mom. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this post. It's nice know there are still good people out there. Harry is much nicer than my husband. Dick would have called me an idiot. Now...are you okay? How did your appointment go?

  5. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I'm so glad He showed you light when you could have seen nothing but darkness on this day ... and I'm really glad you got home safe :)


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