Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Capture - Summertime

Beth's You Capture subject this week is Summertime and, boy, I took so many pictures that I didn't know where to start ... or stop.

Please don't be confused by my fireworks pictures. In our little city, the fireworks signify the end of the summer festival which happens over a week after the 4th so, for us, fireworks say summer just as surely as they say the 4th of July for everybody else.

The fireworks are shot from the pier so the beach is the go-to spot for watching them and therefore, I grabbed some beach shots while we were there waiting for the sun to go down.

And today, after capturing this shot in the Indiana Dunes State Park,

I drove past the beach to capture the Dunes beautiful lake shore along with the Chicago skyline.

And now back to our own backyard and a couple of the things we love most about summer. A couple of years ago my brother built us a bluebird house. I never really thought we'd get nesters but we did. Right now though, I'm watching tough love in the bluebird world. Evidently the fledglings have been evicted and aren't sure what to do with themselves so they sit forlornly on the fence almost all day long.

Except for when nostalgia gets the best of them and they sit on the house but they seem to be barred from entering.

And I couldn't talk about summer in our backyard without a shot of our koi. They constantly provide us with pleasure and entertainment.

For more Summertime pictures, visit Beth. You won't regret it.


  1. gorgeous and I very much wish that I could be at that beautiful beach.

  2. went hiking at the Dunes and didn't tell me? What's up with that? That second picture at the beah waiting for the fireworks is awesome. Great captures all the way around.

  3. Oooh those beach pictures have me smelling spf right now. And those bird captures are just perfectly sweet in every single way.


  4. beautiful showers of colors from the fireworks!

  5. Awesome picture of the skyline! I was just telling one of my co-workers TODAY about how you can see Chicago on a clear day. Awesome, awesome picture!


  6. I jsut love the shot of the blue birds!

  7. What an amazing collection of photos. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite!

  8. Wow, so many amazing photots! Fireworks pics are so great, but my favorites are the dunes photos. Beautiful works of art on all.

  9. i soooo love the Chicago skyline shot that now it's my new background! It's SO Michigan City to me :) I'm also amazed at your fireworks! If you're trying to make me miss MC even more than I do, it's working!

    Great shots! :)

  10. I agree with Lori, I love the shot with the Chicago skyline and I think it's because I miss seeing it! I don't think anyone every believe that I could really see it from the beach. Your firework pictures are amazing, I can never get any good firework shots. I really really love the bluebirds. Not only because I think it's so cool to see them because I hardly ever do, but it's so neat/sad/cool the way the babies are hanging around the yard not wanting to leave. Awesome job!!

  11. So many wonderful photos this week - great fireworks and I love that one of the gorgeous blue bird. Glad you're enjoying Summer!

  12. Poor little bird fledglings! Tough love is, well, tough. Maybe their momma needs to take them to that gorgeous beach after they learn to be independent. =>


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