Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anna Helen Through The Years

Today is Anna's 9th birthday. Even before she was born, when she was barely a twinkle in her mother's eye, we celebrated her coming.

Here's pictorial Anna 'Through The Years'.

Anna is a smart, loving, and sweet girl. She's talented, quirky, fun-loving, creative and one of the most perfect granddaughters anyone could ask for.

So Happy Birthday, Anna. We hope you


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the through the years pictures. MAN, she is like the cutest thing EVER!!!!! so much fun, and I love the picture of the celebration when they announced her pregnancy, I remember it like it was yesterday! Happy birthday, Anna! We love you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to a sweet, trendy and fashionable girl! She sure is growing up right in front of our eyes! She is my 'go-to' girl when I have questions about my iPhone and weather apps. So smart and cute!! Great post, Mom!!


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