Thursday, January 5, 2012

You Capture - Top Ten of 2011

Beth's You Capture this week is 'Top Ten of 2011'. This is one of my favorite You Capture projects so it's inexcusable that I didn't start on it until last night. I require much more time than that since so many of my 2011 pictures are filed in different folders; however, a quick perusal resulted in the following:

Our earliest blooming flower - the Lenten Rose.

Our most colorful winged visitor - the rose breasted grosbeak.

An unwelcome squirrel trying to push around our decorative bunny.

Sunset on Lake Michigan.

And in the harbor.

A cheeky little house finch.

Majestic blooms from our Sum and Substance hosta.

Our grandson-in-law showing his son some of the sights in our pond.

An alert meerkat living up to it's reputation for inquisitiveness and vigilance at the Rocky Mountain Zoo near Colorado Springs.

The deteriorating boardwalk on my favorite trail in Indiana Dunes State Park.

My two favorite princesses - both my namesakes - Tessa Mary and Mary Addison born two weeks apart!

To see many more varied and beautiful pictures from 2011, visit Beth's I Should Be Folding Laundry.


  1. Great captures! The sunsets and the boardwalk make me miss home. That's one of my favorite walking trails, too!

  2. That boardwalk trail is calling me to go exploring. And the squirrel bullying the fake rabbit? Hilarious.

  3. You surely have a knack for photographing living things Mary, including your family members. Happy New Year, enjoyed your photos all year long. :)

  4. You did a great job picking the top 10! They are all so great. I still love the sunset in the harbor one, the one of Chris and Jack and the one of the squirrel pushing the bunny! too funny! Great job on keeping up with You Capture all year! Keep it up, I love it!

  5. Now I know I was a bad blog friend in 2011. I don't remember any of those shots. They are gorgeous. I love the colors of that rose. The grosbeak is amazingly sharp (I know how hard that is with bird pics!) and the squirrel made me laugh out loud! Great work. I am going to participate in YC this year. Even during weeks when I don't have time or subjects to shoot, if I don't shoot SOMETHING I'll explode! I did a top 11 post for 2011, but didn't link to YC since I was not a very faithful contributor. :-(

  6. Such lovely photos, two very beautiful girls!

  7. What great photos! I really love the squirrel photo!


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