Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Trey

Two years ago today, Trey Cooper was born in Louisville, KY. I wrote about him last year on his birthday here. This year, at two years of age he's quite old enough to be interviewed for his birthday post. So this afternoon I conducted a phone interview with him or anyway with his mother; and, between the two of us, we came up with all the answers to the interview questions exactly as we're sure Trey would have answered had he been the one I was actually talking with.

You're two years old today! How do you feel about that? Pretty good! I thought I was already old but I know something's going on today because I got an Elmo balloon.

Do you have any special plans for the day? Just eat a lot of cookies and watch blues clues. We're going out to eat, then I'm going to open presents, and then eat Blues Clues cupcakes.

Where are you going to eat? At El Toro . I like to go there because I get to eat as many chips as I want and play in a bowl of red stuff. And, the servers think I'm cute. When I was little they used to pick me up and carry me around.

Are there any special gifts that you're hoping for? I like cars and anything I can throw. Footballs are my favorite.

Do you enjoy being the youngest in your family? Yeah, I get played with all the time. The big kids are pretty hilarious and sometimes Mom and Dad are too busy with them to see me sneaking candy canes from the tree.

Is it hard for you to keep up with Mary and Ethan? Heck no. It's hard for them to keep up with me.

Do you feel that you're helpful to them? No I pretty much make a mess of their rooms then they have to clean them up.

On the other hand, just yesterday Ethan asked if I'd seen his dreidel and I said, "Yes!" Ethan was so happy and relieved. He said, "REALLY? Where did you see it?" And I said, "Ummmmm, I don't know". Ethan laughed and laughed so I guess I was helpful.

What's your favorite around-the-house activity? Ummm, finding things to climb on, seeing how tall I can get, throwing balls, and chasing a laser light when Mary flashes one around. My mom thinks this is very entertaining too.

I hear you have a special talent. What is that? I have a special talent? Let's see. I'm good at making baskets. Well, I also heard that you're a good singer. Heck yeah. I can memorize songs faster than any grown-up I've met and I love to sing. I'm pretty good too.

What's are your favorite songs? Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep. My newest songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider and Jesus, Loves me. My grandma in Louisville taught me that one in just a couple of sessions. Are there any songs that you can't sing? If there are, I haven't heard them.

Do you enjoy daycare? Yeah, it's pretty cool. I get a lot of attention and now I'm one of the big kids in my class.

Do you have a lot of friends there? There are two I like to play with quite a bit. The rest just take my toys.

What about your teachers? They think I'm really cute and give me a lot of special attention. I like it that they hold me all the time and let me sit on their laps but I think some of the kids might be a little jealous.

I hear you're going to be spending more time at home with Mom now. How do you feel about that? Uh, I think it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. I like it when Mom holds me better than anybody. And, I'll get to have all her attention when the big kids are in school.

What did you like best about being one? It's when I got my big kid's bed and started daycare and learned to play with Ethan and Mary and now they think I'm more fun to play with too.

What are you looking forward to in the coming year? Mom will probably try to potty train me and I'll have fun showing her I prefer diapers; and maybe I'll get to go up and down the stairs all by myself. Also I think I might learn to ride a tricycle and take swim lessons. So I'm almost sure this summer will be the best summer ever!

What can you tell us about yourself that I haven't covered? I hope to one day be an electrician so I'm practicing plugging things in as much as possible. My mom and dad think I give really great kisses. I'm very affectionate. I like to watch sports especially golf on TV but Blues clues is my favorite show. I love sweets and I'm pretty sure I got that from Mom.

And, as always there are a few things I could add about Trey. In addition to being a smart, sweet, lovable and good boy, he's a good wii player.

And a good eater all by himself.

And a very good ice cream cone eater.

A good friend to his closest cousin, Eli.

And he loves his mom - a lot! (Did I already mention that?)

So Happy Birthday, Treybe. We hope it was amazing!


  1. This was so great! I loved the "mommy commentary" and especially the electrician and plugging in' part!! Great read!

  2. Happy Birthday Trey! You are just about as cute as you can be. Mary, I think it may have been a Christmas miracle, but Blogger has finally appeared to fix my blog. I can comment again. Hopefully, you can comment on mine too now.

  3. I don't know which I liked more....the pictures or the commentary. He is SO, I mean...seriously SO CUTE that some of those pictures I just can't get over how CUTE he is!!!! But the questions and answers were one of my favorites of all times, so funny and clever!!! Happy late Birthday to you, Trey! You're such a fun, sweet lovable guy and we love you SO much!!!!


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