Monday, December 12, 2011

Double Yolker

42 years ago we lived in Alamogordo, New Mexico the only town close to Holloman AFB where Mr. Right was stationed. It was hard being almost 1500 miles from home and it became even more challenging when we were over the top with excitement to be expecting our first child. And it was hard for my parents too.

So Mom got an idea. She did a little research and found a small town - but not too small - approximately midway between their house in rural LaPorte, IN and our house in Alamogordo. Then Mom and Dad called and said we should meet in this little town. That way we could have a little visit and neither of us would have to drive 1500 miles.

So we did it. Mom and Dad had a camper on the back of their pick-up truck and Mr. Right and I had a VW. We agreed to meet at whatever gas station we came to in Stroud. Remember this was before cell phones or emails or instant messaging. Once we each started out early that morning we were inaccessible to each other until we all arrived at our destination.

So late that evening we drove into the first gas station we came to in Stroud and a few minutes later so did Mom and Dad. We all spent the night in that little camper and it might sound weird but it's one of my best memories. It was so good to see them and so worth the long drive.

In the morning, as she always did, my mom got up and started making breakfast. When she cracked open one of the eggs it had a double yolk. She was quite tickled as soon as she saw it and said this meant that we would have twins. Of course our firstborn was a singleton but eventually we had identical twin boys and I always remembered that double yolker that prophesied twins for us.

Several years ago I cracked open a double yolker. I was really tickled when I saw it and thought to myself that one of my children would have twins. As it turned out Beth carried her identical twin boys for nineteen weeks before they died in utero. It was a tragic and heart breaking time for our entire family but James and Jake will always be a part of our family. They'll always be loved and we all look forward to the day when they'll be with us again.

Yesterday, I cooked breakfast for Mr. Right. That's pretty unusual for me since usually I dig out a Hostess cupcake for him or some donuts left over from the last time someone visited; but this weekend he had a toothache and thought scrambled eggs would be something he could handle.

I cracked open the first two eggs and they were 'normal' but when I cracked the third I laughed out loud. Then I showed them to Mr. Right and he laughed too. Because look what we saw:

Now I'm not saying that someone in the family is going to have twins. I'm just saying to any of you kids who are reading this and would like to have twins, you better go ahead and get pregnant now. I mean some of you don't even have 4 kids yet. What?

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  1. The morning after I found out I was pregnant with Tommy, I scrambled eggs and the first I cracked was a double yoker. Until I had my first ultrasound, I was pretty sure he'd be twins!


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