Friday, January 13, 2012

David Michael Through The Years

On January 13th, 1998 our family was incredibly blessed. Our 7th grandchild was born in Ft. Campbell, Tennessee. His parents named him David Michael - the David, of course, after his father. Harry and I headed down there when Patty went into labor and not only did we get there on time, but our sweet daughter-in-law invited me into the delivery room. So I got to see this amazing child come into the world.

When David turned one, he was even more adorable than he was as a newborn. He was bright and happy and loved to take lots of his favorite toys to bed with him each night.

When he was two, he and his family lived at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. His family shared a duplex with his Uncle Dan's family and they were the talk of the post.

Especially after his dad, his uncle, and another engineer put their heads together and all their strength to create this snowman.

When David was three the family had moved to Ft. Stewart, GA where they lived right across the playground from his Uncle Dan and their family. And by now, David had a little sister named Katie.

When he was four, he and his family still lived at Ft. Stewart and David was already learning to drive.

In 2003, when David was five years old, he still lived at Ft. Stewart but at this time his Dad was deployed to Iraq (where he earned a Silver Star). And David was already showing signs of the gifted athlete he would eventually be.

Oh, and now he had a little brother named Matthew.

In 2004, David was six years old. He and his family lived in Springfield Va because Dave was stationed at Ft. Belvoir near Washington D.C. David has always been a loving, family-oriented boy and even when he was very young looked forward to reunions with his extended family.

When he was seven he was still honing his athletic skills and as you can see, remained undeterred despite a possible foul.

And more importantly he was showing what a thoughtful boy he was. This was borne out by the quartz rock he found in the woods behind his house and gave to me for my koi pond. Of course, it remains one of my favorite koi pond features.

At eight years old, David was living in Columbia, SC because his Dad was going to school on Army-time. Here he is on Parent's Day.

At nine years old, David was a loving big brother and an excellent student.

At ten, David had a new little brother, Zachary, and lived in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Oh, and he might have thought he was a little older than he really was.

At eleven, the family had moved back to Virgina - this time to a suburb called Burke. David remained a good student and a dedicated athlete. Here he is with one of his most loyal fans.

At twelve David continued to study and participate in several sports. And although he'd always been tall of his age, he now began to really stretch out.

And at thirteen he continued to excel in all areas.

He's a dedicated boy scout, student, and athlete and, once again, most importantly a very family oriented boy and an awesome big brother.

And now he's fourteen years old and over six feet tall. He's a basketball 'natural', has aspirations to be an Eagle Scout, and is one of the most sensitive, sensible, and kind boys I've ever known. I don't have a picture of him at fourteen because they're still living out there in Burke where his dad now works at the Pentagon but I do have this picture taken less than two weeks ago.

Isn't he handsome? For that reason and a myriad of others we're inordinately proud of him and love him more than he'll ever know.

So happy birthday, David. Here's hoping it's the best one so far but not as great as all the rest to come.

(For previous birthday posts about David, you can go here for 2010 and here for 2011.)


  1. This is such a great post grandma! I think its better than the interviews you do!! Today was a very fun day because i went to my friends house and they had a party for me, it was awesome! Thanks again for the post Grandma

    -David Hibner

    1. David, I'm so glad you had a great day. I loved going back over the pictures of you from the time you were born. You're a wonderful grandson and,once again, we're so proud of you.

  2. Awesome post and amazing to watch him grow up through your awesome series of pictures. He really is an amazing boy, so sweet, loving and considerate! Happy Birthday, David! We love you!

    1. Amy, thanks for your loyalty and all your comments. You're the reader that all bloggers wish they had!!


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