Thursday, November 29, 2012

Katherine Elizabeth (Katie) - Through The Years

Today is Katie's 13th birthday.  She was born in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  She was Dave & Patty's second child and their first girl.  And she was our 8th grandchild and our 3rd granddaughter.

Here's Katie, pictorially, through the years.

There's a lot more about Katie than how she's changed over the years or how pretty she is at every age or how blue her beautiful eyes are.

Katie is also fun-loving and sweet.  And she likes to wear hats - hats which tend to show how fun-loving she really is.

 Really, really fun-loving.

She's also very athletic.
I believe she could excel at any sport but the one she's most involved in now will probably be her signature sport - volleyball.  I can't believe I don't have any pictures of her playing volleyball but hopefully I can remedy that soon.  Just suffice it to say that with her height and strength and physicality, she's a natural - not to mention that her mother was a state championship player in high school and won a college scholarship for her abilities.

And I must add that Katie is an absolute angel in so very many ways.  When I visited Burke, VA to help Patty out while Dave was deployed, Katie was beyond helpful.  She took Zachary under her wing.  While I was seeking pictures to depict how helpful she was, I found I did have a volleyball picture of Katie - one that shows how sweet she is to her littlest brother.

I had so much fun on that trip and these pictures take me right back to DC and what joy these kids were.

And I'm reminded of how much Katie loves all her brothers.

And how much we love Katie.  We're going to see her this weekend and we can hardly wait.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Katie!  We're hoping it's awesome and that the next year is too.  We love you!!!!


  1. What a great girl! Happy Birthday to your Katie! :)

  2. Katie is such a beautiful girl, inside and out. I remember the first time I saw her when she was a baby and she was SO beautiful it brought me to tears. Obviously, anyone can see it from all of the amazing pictures on your post. But most of all, she really is one of the sweetest most thoughtful girls you'll ever meet. Happy Birthday, Katie!!!


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