Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lori Anne - Through The Years

On November 17th, 1969 in Alamogordo, NM Harry got a call from back home informing him that his niece, Marianne had been born that morning.  He immediately drove to Holloman AFB Hospital and got there just in time to share the news with me before his daughter, Lori Anne, was born at 11:38 a.m.

This was the beginning of a new and beautiful era for us.  We didn't know how amazingly in love we would fall with our firstborn.  It had to have been incredible because we'd repeat until we'd had six babies.

Here's our Lori - through the years.

This sweet girl was a leader to her younger siblings and that was almost always good.  And she was the best helper to her parents and that was always good.

She's also thoughtful,

our favorite decorator especially at the Christmas House every year,
she loves to party,

and run,
 adores all her siblings and her parents,

And especially her kids

and her man.

Most importantly, Lori is a blessing to everyone who knows her.  We love her more than she can imagine and we're wishing her the best birthday yet, but one only half as awesome as the many more to come.

 Happy Birthday, Lori!!

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  1. Well I'm frustrated because I wrote a comment on this post the day you posted it from my Ipad.....apparently there is a problem with that because I just noticed that it didn't post. So if you ever have a post that I didn't comment on, I must have posted it from my Ipad. :/ Anyway, this post was awesome, Lori is one of the best you'll ever meet. She'll do anything for anyone and be loyal and devoted. Love all of the pics~! Happy Birthday, Lori!!


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