Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Amy

Today is our beautiful daughter, Amy's birthday. 
She was born at the Holloman AFB hospital, near Alamogordo NM.  She was our second child and second daughter.  We were thrilled to have two girls and knew they would always be very best friends....and we were right.
Of course she ended up having two more sisters and two brothers . (And sometimes they're all a little strange, but she fits right in.)
Anyway, this morning I conducted this little phone interview with her.

Do you have any special plans today?  Yes, we're going out to dinner.  Just you and Tracy or the whole family?  The whole family including Chris and Amber and all the grand kids.

How do you feel about this birthday?  Is it any different from any of the others?  No it doesn't feel any different.  I'm just getting older.  But you don't feel older do you?  Not a bit.

What has been the highlight of this past year.  I would say the birth of my 4th grandchild on February 8th.

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?  Jeremy is starting high school which is really exciting.  More grandkids?  lol.   Camping. 

Tell me a little about your job.  I am a paraprofessional.  I work with kids with special needs, sometimes in a one-on-one position and sometimes in a classroom position.  What do you love about your job?  I love trying to break barriers with kids with special needs and having them begin to communicate or interact with me.  It's the small successes that really make a difference and keep me excited to go to work every day.

What do you hate about your job?  It can be the most frustrating job I've ever done because of the lack of communication.  Also because they are unable to communicate, they sometimes act out physically which can be not only frustrating but painful as well. 

You've always been exceptional at interacting with your nieces and nephews.  Do you think that talent has helped you in your job?  Absolutely.  If you can naturally interact with kids, it makes the job that much easier.  It's a job that requires a lot of patience and it helps if you have an understanding of how a kid might think. 

How much do you enjoy being such a young grandma?  I love it very much but there is one drawback.  When you're a young grandma and you also have youthful children at home, they grab all the attention from the little ones that I'm dying to spoil.  And you don't have all that free time that you think grandmas usually have to help out with babysitting and attending every grandkid function because you're working and involved in your own kids activities and functions..

What do you like best about your camping trips?  I like going out on the boat and fishing, I like the bonfires every night after fishing, I like the relaxation, and always catching the biggest fish.  lol 

What's your favorite leisure time activity (and you can include Hay Day and Candy Crush)?  We do like to do all kinds of things in our free time.  We often go to Gander Mountain, Cabela's, or Bass Pro Shop just to browse around and see what's new.  And I love fishing and on weekend evenings we'll often hang out with neighbors and just relax.    Also, we've built a 3-hole golf course and the whole family goes out almost every evening and golfs.  For most of us it's a work in progress but hopefully we'll all be good enough to go out on a real golf course some day.
What can you tell us about yourself that most people don't know?  Well, like Teresa, I was a high school cheerleader. 
What else?  Someday I think I'd really want to go back to school and get a degree. 
Anything else?  I'm a really good at cooking on the grill.  I've come a long way from back in the day when I thought you could put burgers on the grill while the coals are still flaming.
 And?  I'm in the third week of the C25K and I plan to run a 5K with all three of my children in the Fall.
Oh and one more thing.  I actually enjoy cutting the grass which I hardly ever get to do anymore since my kids have taken over the job.
 And of course there are a few things I'd like to add about Amy.  She's one of the sweetest, most sensitive people I've ever known.  She'd never hurt anyone's feelings or start any kind of trouble.  She loves peace, harmony, and a good time; and she's hardworking, loving, and smart.  We're so proud of Amy and happy that she's our daughter.  And we're hoping that this day and all of the days to come are wonderful - just like her.

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