Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jeremy....A Little Late

On June 26th, while I was in Louisville and my computer was at home, our family celebrated 3 birthdays.  I thought to have Harry send me pictures to do their birthday posts but our power was out and stayed out for several days.  Finally I resolved to catch up after my return and that's what I'm doing now.  Here's the first one.  

Jeremy was our 9th grandchild and 6th grandson.  He was born by caesarian section after a long and difficult labor and he's been a blessing to our family ever since.
This evening I conducted a phone interview with Jeremy for his belated birthday post.  Here's how it went.
Does it feel any different to be 14?  Not really.  It's kind of like just moving along with life.  You know, when you're a kid, you get really excited about small things on birthdays but now it's more like 'yay, it's my birthday.  It's just not quite as exciting.
You're starting high school in a couple of months.  Are you excited?  Oh Yeah!  What are you looking forward to the most?  Probably meeting new friends.  What's your favorite subject in school?  Science and Social Studies.  And what academic field do you see yourself pursuing?  As of right now I'm leaning toward the culinary field but there's not a lot I could do toward that right now.
You're playing baseball again this summer.  What positions do you play? Pitcher, first base, center field.   Which do you like best?  Probably first base.
And I hear you're doing the C25K program.  Do you enjoy running?  Yeah, it's kind of like reading a really long book.  You get tired but it's fun and you don't want to stop; and it feels so good when you're done.  Do you think you might get into cross country or track in high school or do you see this as just a lifelong way to stay fit?  Just a way to stay fit.  I don't think I want to pursue that kind of sport.
I know you've been doing some golfing lately too.  Do you enjoy it?  Yeah I love golf!
What instrument do you play and do you enjoy marching band?  I play trumpet.  It's fun because you're like the main pain.  You're always playing harmony or melody and hardly ever the background.  Do you have any parades coming up?  I just marched in the 4th of July parade and I marched in the Memorial Day parade.   Did you enjoy it?  Oh yeah, it's fun.  Again it's like a run.  It's a big sigh of relief because it's fun to be done.
 What's your favorite leisure time activity?  Probably fishing. 
How do you like being such a young uncle?  It's fun.  A lot of people ask me what I do.  I tell them about my life.  They always think uncles should be adults.  But then I tell them I'm an uncle of 4 and they have a look of disbelief or surprise.    But I do like being an uncle.  It's almost like they're cousins except we have more authority over them.
And what haven't I asked you that other might find interesting about you?  I like video games and sports and I enjoy reading adventure-type books.

But, as always, there's more I could tell you about Jeremy.  He's sweet, loving, hard-working, practical and an all-around wonderful kid.  We love him and couldn't be prouder of him.  And we're wishing him his most awesome year yet.


  1. As always, I loved the post! You do such a great job describing the people you are writing about, I always enjoy reading these! Happy (late) Birthday to Jeremy!

  2. It seems that there are many things you can be proud of your grandson, Jeremy. He’s involved in a lot of activities, not just in academics, but in sports too! Baseball and golf? That’s awesome! I wonder what sports he will join in the future.
    Renee Powell @ Faulkwood Shores Golf Club


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