Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Zachary.....A Little Late

On June 26th, while I was in Louisville and my computer was at home, our family celebrated 3 birthdays.  I thought to have Harry send me pictures to do their birthday posts but our power was out and stayed out for several days.  Finally I resolved to catch up after my return and that's what I'm doing now.  Grandson Jeremy's post was Friday, daughter-in-law Teresa's post was yesterday, and grandson Zachary's post follows.

Zachary was born in Kansas City, KS and is our 17th grandchild and 10th grandson.
He's Dave and Patty's youngest.  They now live in Burke, VA where Dave is stationed at Ft. Belvoir and is a Battalion Commander and Patty is an Instructional Coach at Cunningham Park Elementary in Vienna, VA.  Zachary has three older siblings, David 15, Katie 13, and Matthew 11.
A little while ago I talked with Zachary on the phone.  Here's how our long-distance interview went.
I know you just had a birthday.  How old are you now?  5.  You're really getting bigger aren't you?  Yeah.  What's different about being 5?  5 is an older number.
Did you have a good birthday?  Yeah.
What did you do on your birthday?  Played outside and we had cake and the family went out to eat....I went out to eat with Dad, Mom, and me.  And we had an Avengers cake and I got a flashlight from it.
Did you get any other good presents?  Yeah.  What did you get?  Inside basketball but Scout broke it.  Actually I got about 8 100 feet rockets.

I know you played soccer this year.  How did you like it?  A lot.  I played with my friend, Matt.   Any goals?  Oh yeah, yeah.

Is Scout a good dog?  Yeah, a pretty good dog.  Oh, why is he a pretty good dog?  Because he's cute and he's one year old.  He's seven years old too.  Oh in human years?  Yes.
What's your favorite sport?  Soccer.  What else do you like?  Football and basketball.  Hockey.   And I like baseball.  I know you catch balls really well don't you?  Yeah, I like baseball.

And you're a very good worker.  Why are you so helpful?  Because I like working.  Why do you like working?  Because Dad works with me.  So you're a good worker like Dad.  YES!
Do you still help David, Katie, and Matthew play Hay Day?  Oh yeah!  Are you still really good at it?  Yeah.  Well, Matthew is done with Hay Day.  He just decided that he didn't want to play anymore.

You'll be going to Kindergarten in the Fall won't you?  Yes.  Are you excited about that?  Yes.  What do you think you'll like best?  Playing with my friends. 
What else have you been doing lately?  Some playing outside, some playing at Nana's, some playing like on Ipods and my favorite game is Bike Race and um Jet Pack Glide.
Is there anything else I should put in your birthday story?   Ummm.  I think that's.....wait no.  I got Legos - Star Wars Legos  not the Angry Birds Star Wars just the people Star Wars Legos.  Awwww.  What?  Scout fell off the bed.  Why'd he fall off the bed?  He just slipped off.  Anything else I should put in your story?  Ummm maybe.  Like I got Lightning McQueen wrapping paper.  That sounds cool.  Yeah that was really cool.  Anything else?  Ummmm  I think that's it.  But Matthew wasn't there for my birthday party.  David and Matthew were at Camp.  I'll bet you missed them.  Yes, I did.  Can you think of anything else?  No, I don't think so.

And that pretty well concluded our interview.  So I have to add that Zachary is a wonderful, sweet, smart, loving, athletic, and helpful boy!  We're very, very proud of him and hoping his coming year is as awesome as he is.  Oh and also, he's a very fun interviewee.

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