Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mary

Today is Mary Addison's 7th birthday.  Mary is our 15th grandchild and 6th granddaughter.  She was born in Louisville, Kentucky after one of the most easy, serene childbirths I have ever witnessed.

Here is her mother 27 minutes before she was born.
 And here they both are one minute after birth.
Now back to Mary.  I called her a little while ago to wish her a happy birthday and to interview her for this post.  Here's how it went:

Happy Birthday, Mary.  Thank you.

Are you having a good day? Yeah

What have you done?  In the morning I put on my clothes and then I ran  with Miss Brooke.   She's our babysitter.   Then we ran in a neighborhood with the school running club.  Then we had lunch and I played a little Wii.  After that we went to the pool with Miss Brooke and Mom. 

Are you doing anything special tonight?  I don't know yet. We're going out to a place and have waffles maybe Mimi's Cafe, Bob Evans, or IHop. I was going to wear my new dress that I got for my birthday but it's too hot out.

Did you enjoy your birthday party at our house?  Yeah
What did you like best about it?  Probably the cake.  I don't even like cake that much but so much of that cake was amazing.

Do you feel older now that you're 7?  Yeah  
 In what way?  I don't know.

Do you like having a big brother?  Yeah
and a little brother?  Yeah
But I don't like to play Airplanes and Spy and other things like that. 
You enjoy nature and studying plants and insects don't you?   Yes, but I don't really like things that sting and I really don't like spiders and poison ivy either.

I know you took dance this summer.  What did you like best about it?  My favorite thing to do was tap.
 Did you like ballet too?  Yeah, but not as much as tap.

When you come to Indiana during Christmas vacation, who do you like to play with the most?  Tessa and Anna, Jenna, Clara and Aubrey because they're girls.

And why do you play with Tessa so much?  Because she's a girl and she's as big as me right now.  I like to play dress up with her and we act out things.

Do you like school?  Yeah

What do you like best about it?  It starts in about two weeks.  My favorite things are probably social studies and science. 

You worked very hard on our house when we were remodeling the outside.  Did you enjoy that?  Yeah
 What did you like doing the most?  Probably sweeping the driveway and sidewalks and putting the dirt into the holes in the ground.  Those are the two things I did.

What's your favorite meal?  Macaroni
And your favorite dessert?  Probably strawberry shortcake.
And here's a question just to be funny.  Do you like it when your dad wears your headband and you wear his hat?  Yeah, but we only did it one time.
What else can you tell us about yourself that we might think is interesting?  I don't really know.
And that's how our interview ended.  She was ready to leave for her birthday dinner and I was expecting company.  So now I'll add some of the many things that I think are very interesting about Mary.
First of all, she adores her mom and wants to be just like her when she grows up.
She's named after her grandma. 
She's a very good driver.

And she's sweet, loving, thoughtful, considerate, and has a heart of gold.  We love our little Mary and we're hoping that not only are her birthday and her party this weekend wonderful, but that her entire year is as amazing as her. 

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  1. I love these posts. I can't believe that picture of Sarah was 27 minutes before she gave birth. Happy Birthday Mary!


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