Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tessa

Tomorrow is Tessa Mary's 7th birthday.
(Yep, 2 1/2 weeks after I got a namesake (Mary Addison), I got another one - Tessa Mary.  It just doesn't get any better than that).
Anyway, Tessa lives in Colorado Springs with her Mom Teresa, and her big brother Evan.  Her biggest brother, Grant, is in his second year of college in Boulder and her dad, Dan, is currently deployed.  It's important to get her post up extra early on her birthday so that her daddy who is in Afghanistan can see it before he goes to bed.  (I think he is about 10 1/2 hours ahead of us.)
 So earlier this evening I called Tessa for our phone interview.

Here's how it went.

Hi Tessa.  Hi Grandma.
I hear you have a big day tomorrow.  Umm hmm, tomorrow is my birthday.
Are you excited?  Umm hmm, but I have a cold.
Oh no!  Where'd you get that?  I don't know.  Maybe from school.  Maybe.
I pulled another tooth out.  How?  I pulled out my tooth and it didn't even hurt a bit because it was really loose.

Do you have any special plans for tomorrow?  My friend Maddie is having a birthday party.  Are you going to that?  Yes, and tomorrow's my birthday.  After Maddie's party we're going to have dinner.  Do you get to pick where you'll eat?   Yeah I get to pick.  I want to go to Red Robin.

And will you get to talk to Daddy tomorrow?  Umm hmm  How do you do that?  Skype.  You can see him them right?  Umm hmm.  I like skyping with Daddy.

And how is school going?  Good and I made some new friends.  And one friend is named Grant.  What grade are you in?  2nd.  Wow that's getting big.  Do you feel bigger?  Umm hmm  What do you like best about school?  Recess.  And second I like books because I like to read.
I know you like to plan things like the picnic you planned when we visited you.  Have you planned anything lately?  Mommy and I went to a fancy hotel and I planned it.  Was it fun?  Yes and at the pool I could reach the ground with my feet.
Are you hoping for any special presents for your birthday?  Yeah, I want a Stuffy and you're supposed to stuff things in it.  Like what?  Toys, cars, and food.

Grandpa wants to know if you have a boyfriend.    No!

Do you like having two big brothers?  Yes.
Why?  Grant and Evan sometimes take me to the park and they play with me at the park.

What do you like best about coming to Indiana at Christmas time?  I like to see my cousins and play with them.  Which ones?  Mary, Anna and Jenna, and Jack.

What else can I write about you?  I take ballet classes and I have a best friend at dance.
Anything else?  I'm an artist.  Oh, you like to draw?   Yes, I'm drawing a story right now.  It's about seasons.
Then I told her that we'd sent her some presents that should get there tomorrow and that we hoped she'd have a wonderful day.  Her parting words:   Thank you for the presents so much!
Because she is sweet and poised like that.  There are so many things I could say about Tessa but first let me talk about Tessa with regards to her family.  They all adore her.  And they are all unfailingly kind and sweet with her and I think that's why she's so kind and sweet with everybody she meets.  When we visited last summer, she wanted to play with sidewalk chalk.  Here's an idea of how that played out.
And look at these patient and loving guys when Tessa wants to play Frisbie with them.
And although Mom is probably the only one who keeps her from being hopelessly spoiled, she also understands when a girl needs somebody to swing with.
Of course Tessa has many more wonderful attributes.  She's amazingly generous, patient, kind, loving, smart, and sweet.  She'll wait for hours for us to get up when we visit and then gift us with notes and pictures and love.  She is such a joy and we're wishing her a wonderful birthday and a year full of happiness.


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  2. I was wondering how in the world I missed this post and then I realized I was camping! ugh! Anyway, What a great interview! I wish I could give such great, spontaneous answers like she did! Of course all of the pictures were amazing, but my two favorites were the one with Dan behind her on the computer with her little hand on his arm and the one of Teresa on the swings with her. Both of them say so much! Happy (late) Birthday little girl, we love you very much!!


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