Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Patty

Our daughter-in-law, Patty, is celebrating her birthday today.  We can't be with her since she's so far away but I've spent the afternoon browsing through her pictures to find the ones that best depict what a wonderful person she is.
First of all, I'm reminded that Patty is hard-working.  She was a teacher when we met her and she still works for the school system only now she's working toward an assistant principal's position.  She's a natural though...

and she's not just hard working on her job.  She works tirelessly for her family and anyone else that needs a hand.  Here she is helping us with our outdoor renovation project last summer.
She only paused long enough to enjoy a small cone and then
 she was right back at it.
  She's always been great with kids.
And is an amazing mother who loves nothing more than spending time with her children.

And her husband - our son, Dave.

When Dave's deployed, she works hard to fill his shoes - all the time chuckling about how he would be laughing at her as she carefully follows the instructions.
But she knows how to make him proud at military formals.
And she loves to laugh and is awesome at a party!

All in all, her pictures remind me that Patty is sweet, loving, thoughtful, conscientious, and one of the hardest working people you could ever know.  We're wishing her the happiest of birthdays and a year filled with joy!
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