Friday, March 14, 2014

Our Visit

The easiest way to show the pictures from the 'ranch' we looked at yesterday to every one in the family is to put them in a post so here goes.

The approach to the entrance:

The driveway going up:
 The approach:
 The ranch house:

 The ranch house living room:

 The kitchen in the ranch house:
 Three twin beds in this ranch house bedroom.
 Two full beds in this ranch house bedroom.
 The view of the ranch house kitchen from the living room:
 Buck Inn stable building from ranch house.
 Lighted basketball court:
 Buck Inn:

 Horse corral:
 Tee Pees that they'll probably take down next winter.
 Small dining room downstairs in stable which seats about 40.

 View of ranch house from Buck Inn:
 View of stairs from upper level of Buck Inn
 View of fire pit from upper level of Buck Inn
 Swing set and horseshoe pits.  
 The owner and Dad on deck which surrounds the upper level of Buck Inn
 Small kitchen area on one end of Buck Inn upstairs.

 View of first sitting area.  The hall leads to another seating area that backs up on this one and on the right are some of the bedrooms.
 One bedroom and it's onsuite just to give you an idea of the decor

 Another bedroom.
 And more

 The other sitting room
 The decor

 The other little kitchen area.
 The other hallway.
 Views from deck

 The one chicken

 Some of the horses.

 Views from office area.

 The ranch house
 The office

 Heading down.

 Where we'd park when it snows.

 The road to the ranch

 And the neat little creek that flows near the road
That's it!  Let me know what you think.

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  1. Are you checking this out for your annual family vacation?


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