Friday, March 7, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Week 5

This is Week 5 of Bacardi Mama's Hit Me With Your Best Shot photo challenge and once again I was able to turn to my backyard to find my best shot.

I'm not a fan of squirrels.  I never really have been.  Oh sure, long ago I thought they were cute and I wished we had some in our neighborhood but since then I've heard of them biting children and I've seen how destructive and obnoxious they can be.

So these definitely aren't among my favorite shots of the week.  My best shot came when I spotted a squirrel burrowing through the snow to find random bird seeds left over from when we religiously fed the wild birds in the backyard.  This guy would burrow in the snow, then stop and throw it all over the place, before he paused long enough to devour his treasure.  These antics led to this, my favorite shot of the week.
And here is the sequence that I caught to visually describe the curious antics of one adventurous, quirky little varmint.

 And finally I'll concede that although overall squirrels are not cute, on occasion they can be quite entertaining and, yes, appear pretty doggone charming and delightful.

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  1. What a fantastic group of shots, Mary. I'd have a really hard time picking a favorite.


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