Monday, April 21, 2014

Sarah Michelle

Thirty-six years ago today we were blessed with the sweetest addition to our family we could have wished for.
There are many things I could say about Sarah and they're all good but to give some real insight into the kind of person she is I'll post some pictures.  First of all, she was a good little Indian girl when she really couldn't figure out exactly what was going on.
 She's always been athletic and played on the State Championship Volleyball Team in 1995.

Actually she's pretty competitive in almost everything she does.
She's creative - especially on Halloween. 

 She has all the dance moves.

 And she was not valedictorian of her college graduating class but she would have been a good one.

 Many years ago, she was the first to help us renovate our kitchen with paint, back splash, and reorganization..
 She has always shared her birthday party with her twin brothers.
 She and Beth perform a New Year's Eve show every year that the whole family looks forward to.

For years whenever she left our house after a visit, she cried for the first hour of her trip home.
When we were in the room while Beth was in labor for her firstborn, the temperature was about -3 and Sarah was innovative enough to figure out a way to keep warm.
And be cheerful and fun-loving at the same time.
 She organized a drive to send care packages to her brothers and their troops when they were deployed.
 She's a great fisher of sharks.
and an awesome cook.
and lovingly lets children help her when she's cooking for Thanksgiving.
She has a flair for the dramatic (especially when she feels overworked).
She's absolutely hilarious.
and she and Beth are so close.
that they've been known to get their feet mixed up.
She loves all her sisters
And the rest of her family too.
She could give lessons called 'Childbirth the Fun and Easy Way.
 and she absolutely adores her babies.

 and her husband.

She's sweet, loving, patient, kind, and helpful.   She's also intuitive and can clarify and help solve some of the knottiest problems.  We are so grateful to have been blessed with her in our family and we're wishing her the most awesome year she's ever had!  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

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