Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Amy Lynn

Today is our daughter, Amy's, birthday.  She was our second child and second daughter.  Born at Holloman AFB, NM, she moved to Indiana when she was a mere 4 months old so she might not remember too much about her birth state.  She was always a cheerful sweet child and she's grown into a cheerful sweet adult.  Here's Amy, randomly, through the years.
 These pictures show you how beautiful and cheerful she's always been but the following pictures will tell you even more about our Amy.
She didn't always love Santa Claus
But she did love visiting her grandma & grandpa and all her cousins.
 She was an important part of the Peanut Gang Championship Bowling Team
 and member of this Indian tribe
 She was a high school cheerleader
shot putter, and cross country runner. 
Plus, she was a young, devoted, and loving mom to Amber,
 and Jenna
But never felt complete until she added Tracy to her family.
She loves fishing,

 her hilarious brothers and sisters
and partying.  (In fact, if you want to laugh a lot at parties, stand next to Amy)
And......she loves putting things in her eyes.
 But most of all, she loves her family.
And even more than that......her growing family.

Amy is a para in a local charter school where she's had near miraculous successes with special needs children.  She loves taking care of her family and spends much of her time chauffeuring Jeremy to Golf and Band practice and Jenna to softball practices and tournaments.

Amy truly is one of the sweetest, hard-working, loving and sincere people you could ever meet.  We're beyond proud of her and wishing her the best birthday EVER but not as great as the many more to come!

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