Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Really Helpful Kids

A few days ago I wrote about our grandson-in-law, Chris, and his amazing working ethic and even more amazing interaction with his children.
But now, in all fairness, I have to talk about how helpful his family really is.  The trim for the mudroom needed to be painted before it was installed and the kids were great helpers in moving it to our paint station.
Then there was the tedious work of sorting all the tiny, little parts for the storage shed.
And drying the table after it was washed.
 Also, someone had to give the four-legged helpers the necessary attention.
 And the smallest two-legged helper needed attention too.
 Dane was ready to do any raking that needed to be done,
Wade's specialty was adjusting the radio,
 And everybody pitched in when it was time to pick up the toys.
Including Gaby who felt someone had to photo bomb my pictures.
Wade helped by encouraging and applauding everybody's efforts.
And then there was one more amazing helper who was that behind-the-scenes person who kept everything going smoothly.  Amber painted almost all of the trim....
took care of the children, helped with the meals, did virtually all the clean-up, changed the diapers, and made sure everything ran smoothly all weekend long.

So you see, the kids are very helpful but those apples didn't fall far from the trees.  I think they not only learned to be helpful from their parents but loved being helpful because of the encouragement and appreciation that they get from their parents.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend because not only did we get to enjoy the company of this wonderful family but they were ALL so doggone HELPFUL!!!!

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