Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's So Great About Chris?

Chris is Amber's husband so he's our grandson-in-law and we couldn't love him more if he were our own grandson.  He's an amazing young man who has done almost as much for us as our own sons - and that's saying a lot!!!

He's a worker unmatched by any we've ever seen (except Dave and Dan of course) and he can get more done in a weekend than most could do in a month or more.

Last weekend Chris and Amber and their wonderful children were in town so that Chris could build our storage shed, trim out our new mudroom, reconfigure and finish a closet, and do various other projects that needed completing.  And in reviewing the pictures, I can now see how Chris gets so much done.  It's because he has SO MUCH help!!

Just look:

He even got help with the complicated instructions!

And before we knew it, with all this help, here's what he did!
Wow!  Lucky he had all that help because he was able to finish this project in well under 24 hours!  To be fair though, he did have some real help too.  Here are Harry and Chris nearing the end of the project.
And although it's astonishing how quickly he works while never diminishing the high quality of his workmanship, that's not what I'm talking about when I say what's so great about Chris.  I'm talking about what a loving father and husband he is.  I'm talking about his infinite patience when he's trying to get something done in a hurry but always has time to help the kids feel important and useful.  I'm talking about the fact that he stops to explain what they don't understand.  And I'm talking about the fact that he treats his children with respect and love and understanding.

And that's really what's so great about Chris!

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