Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jack Victor

Today is our great grandson, Jack's, 6th birthday.
Jack is an important part of this large family,
an important part of this smaller large family,
and an even more important part of this fun, happy, large but smaller family.
Last night I spoke with Jack on the phone and I conducted the following interview.
Hi Jack!  How are you?  Fine.  I hear it's your birthday tomorrow.  Yeah.  How old will you be?  6
Are you excited to be 6?  Yeah  Why?  Because ummmm ummmm ummmmah ummmmm I don't know why.  Why am I excited to be 6?  Because it's going to be my birthday?  (Remind me to strike this question from my birthday interview repertoire.)
If you get to out out for your birthday dinner, where do you want to go?  Red Robin
And what do you want for your birthday?  A Bowser stuffed animal.  (He really does like stuffed animals.)
What grade are you in?  Kindergarten  Do you like school?  Uh huh.  What do you like best about it?  Reading  What's your favorite book? Big and Little  What's it about?  Big and little animals.  (He has always liked books.)
You like animals don't you.  Yeah  What's your favorite animal?  Tigers  Why?  'Cause I like orange.
What don't you like about school?  I like almost everything like when I make arts and crafts and I like lunch and I don't have a lot of recesses because it's getting snowy so it's getting cold so I don't really go out there a lot.  
What's your favorite adventure character?  Ironman because he can fly and he can shoot with his hand!  (I don't know.  Is this Ironman?)
How many brothers and sisters do you have?  Two brothers and one sister.  Are you excited that you're going to have another one?  Yeah!  Do you want a sister or a brother?  A sister because we only have one girl.
I heard you might have a birthday party at our house.  Do you like that idea?  Yeah.  I like it at your house.
What's your favorite thing to play with?  My favorite game is my Angry Bird game and my favorite toy is my toy turtle.  It's from Pokemon.  It doesn't do anything but there's a card that shows its attack.  He doesn't attack but his attack is a water attack.  He doesn't really shoot water but his attack is water.   I hope we can visit soon so I can see it.  Yeah me too.
What else can you tell us about yourself that we haven't talked about like your friends or your pets?  My best friend is Austin.  Gaby is my favorite pet.  Are you a nice boy?  Yes and I play soccer.
And I play on my DS.  I didn't know you had a DS.  I got one for Christmas!  
And of course I have things to add about Jack.  He isn't just a nice boy, he's a very nice boy.  He's sweet and helpful.
smart, and knows a lot about and loves animals.
He's also strong.
So we're wishing this sweet, smart, strong, helpful, wonderful great grandson an awesome 6th birthday but one that's only half as great as all his many birthdays to come!

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