Friday, January 20, 2017


Today is Noah's 13th birthday!
Noah is our 13th grandchild and 8th grandson.
He is an important part of this large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller family.
I wrote about Noah on his birthday in 2016 and in that post are links to all his previous posts.

And in those previous posts are many pictures of Noah and how he's changed 'through the years' so I'll just put a few in here.

So now I'll just talk briefly about Noah and what a truly wonderful kid he is.  He's a great brother to all his siblings.
He's athletic
and musically gifted - this year he started 7th grade and jazz band and choir!
But most importantly he's a sweet, smart, thoughtful, and wonderful person.  He''s responsible ( he even did a bit of babysitting for his younger siblings this year for short periods of time), kind, and conscientious.  We are inordinately proud of Noah and love him very much!  And we're wishing him his happiest birthday EVER and a year that surpasses all his dreams!
Happy Birthday, Noah!

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