Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Koi Update

The baby koi began to hatch on June 29th. Then on July 28th, I reluctantly reported that their numbers had been diminishing at an alarming rate but that I thought they were finally stabilizing. I'm happy to report that I still think they were. I've only seen a couple of lifeless bodies in the last couple of weeks and overall it looks like about the same density of koi to water.

Here's kind of a close up of one of the in-house babies. You can't get much perspective on size but they are starting to look more like fish now.

Obviously, I have a VERY hard time photographing these guys.

And here's a picture from one of the outside tubs. You can see that there's beginning to be quite a size disparity.

I'm pleased though that there are as many survivors as there are and I still don't know how we'll get them through the winter, but we'll figure that out when the time comes. Our wonderful granddaughter and her wonderful husband have offered to set up an aquarium to get some of them through the winter. Certainly that will help.

With all these fish babies, and walking for exercise, and hitting plastic golf balls (more on that later), I wonder how I EVER had time to work and why my days are going so much faster now and I'm full of wonder that life is so much better. I am one lucky chica.


  1. I realllllllly think your baby fish have grown since I last saw them on....Sunday! They are too cute and I am excited to watch them grow!!

    I am SO glad you've're enjoying all the good there is and not completely exhausted and dreading the next day :)

  2. Your posts make me happy. I'm so glad that you are enjoying yourself so much. I'm enjoying watching the koi grow. They sure are cute.

  3. Oh my gosh, they're getting so big!

    And everything about you is lighter and brighter and more beautiful. (which I didn't think was possible.) So thankful for all that has happened with you this year.


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