Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Recently our 'lovely' youngest daughter and her family spent a couple of days as our guests.

Adding to the fun of spending every moment with her family is the opportunity to capture special and everyday moments on film .. er....digital...um....format.

Here's Sarah with her newborn. I can't even tell who looks happier or more comfortable.

And of course Proud Daddy has to have his turn.

And it's not often that I can catch a photo of a new grandson watching his grandpa talk to him but I did here. Trey is obviously QUITE amazed at some of Grandpa's perfectly articulated baby talk.

But soon he became a little bored and after a hearty stretch, turned his attention elsewhere.

And if you look at this picture closely you'll see how poignantly beautiful it really is.

And of course we can't forget Trey's big sister and brother who added so much fun and love to the visit.

And then there's that final family photo just before they head for home. It's the new look of their family and it's absolutely perfect!

We may not get to see them as often has we'd like but these little in-house visits are truly priceless.


  1. Mary, your family is beautiful. I'm glad you had this time with them. I'm sure Aunt Beth was lovin on Trey and anticipating holding her own little boy very soon. I can't wait till we are both grandmas again with new grandsons.

  2. I don't think kids get much more beautiful than this! You sure are lucky to have such great visitors!!

  3. You are such a good photographer!!! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures & kind words. We loved our visit so much and it's so great that you've documented it so well. Thanks, Mom!


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