Monday, February 22, 2010


I wanted to join Beth's You Capture last week but too many things stood in the way.

One - We're in Colorado Springs visiting Firstborn Army Guy and his family in anticipation of his deployment to the Middle East next month.

Second - When we're out here, time seems so short; and when time seems short, time flies.

Third - My heart just wasn't in it. The kisses that I photographed were too poignant and hit too close to home to publish.

When his little, three-year-old darling ran to him when he got home from work, squealing, "DADDY!". I couldn't help but think about what she couldn't know. In a few weeks, Daddy wouldn't be coming home from work every day. In fact, it would be about a year before she'd leap into his arms and in that year she'd change a lot and grow a lot and despite her mom's best efforts with movies and photos, Dad will miss a big part of his little girl's life.

And then there was the 'sweetheart' kiss. The kiss where they both knew, with painful clarity that in a few short weeks, there wouldn't be any kisses. There would be a long, lonely stretch of worry and stress for both of them.

They kissed in front of a renovation that is targeted to be completed before the deployment. And this is where they pour their efforts and time prior to that difficult day. And perhaps that's a good thing. A distraction that promises great rewards that they'll both look forward to enjoying a little over a year from now.

Those are the kisses. And the reasons why, although they're sweet and beautiful, they're painful.


  1. Oh Mary...what powerful kisses these are! I am so glad that you get to spend sometime with your son before he is deployed.

    I will say a prayer for his safe travel and return home to his wonderful loving family here in the states! He is a hero, and I can only think to know the pride your family feels!

  2. Oh my God this makes me cry and makes my heart ache and I HATE this and every deployment so much. I am so thankful they have so much love holding them all together.

    And I hope he feels all of our love for him every moment that he's there. Love this, Mom.

  3. This is heartbreakingly beautiful - a gorgeous family you have. All of them.

    Hugs and prayers and all of the above for a safe deployment and a speedy year to go by.

  4. My husband leaves in about two weeks, for the same place, same amount of time. I understand those kisses--they are what's happening in our home every day right now. The hardest part of all is our two little boys and, like you said, what they can't fully know just yet.

  5. I understand what you're going through from a sister point of view. My brother returned in late October from his year-long deployment to Iraq. I'll pray that your son's deployment goes by extremely fast and that he makes it home safely.

  6. This made me cry so much. You did an amazingly job interweaving both powerful words and images. My heart breaks for your family right now.

  7. Visiting from Beth's and this post made me tear up, each picture brought more tears to my eyes. Your son (and all of your kids) are wonderful for who they are. You definitely did right by them.

  8. Here from your daughter's...

    I am just a few years younger than you, the daughter of a retired Army COL who served in Viet Nam and daughter-in-law of a retired Army MG who served in Korea. Of course, they served many other places but these were times when they left wives and children behind. Both of my husband's brothers are retired military. The one who was Air Force was in Desert Storm, a very frightening time for all of us. His children were about the age of your son's daughter at the time, maybe a bit younger. The other brother is retired Army who spent a great deal of time in Bosnia while they were stationed in Germany; he actually had a battalion at Ft. Carson in the nineties. His son-in-law, active Navy, just returned from six months in Bahrain.

    I tell you all of this to let you know that I understand your fears and I will be praying for his safe return.

  9. Oh my gosh this post just breaks my heart into a million pieces, the pictures say so much...when I saw the one of him with T, let's just say I was a mess. You did a great job on this week's challenge, Mom.

  10. My heart breaks for you Mary. I have a small sense of what you are going through. My nephew and two of my good friends sons have been deployed numerous times. It never gets easier. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family. Hugs!!

  11. This is such an amazing post, Mary.

  12. This breaks my heart...These pictures show so much about your first born Army son...My heart breaks for you, your family and his wife and children...My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your entire family during the next 12 months...Hugs!!!!

  13. Too heart wrenching to view. I wish the next year was over and those kisses were the kisses of a joyous reunion! Our prayers, our hearts, our thoughts, and our love go out to all of you!


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