Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm very happy being 63. I'm blessed to be retired and I've got more things to keep me busy than I could keep up with in one lifetime. And I know that's a blessing too.

I love being a mother and a grandmother most of all. Of all the roles in my life, these are two of the most important.

Then it happened. I was going through a miscellaneous box in my bedroom and there was a small hand sewn pillow with flowers painted on it and some writing. It was very faded but I could read Happy Mother's Day Mommy. It caught me by surprise and it startled my heart a little bit. No wait.. A lot. Mommy. The sweetest word in the English language. And I was lucky enough to be Mommy to the six wonderful people that are my children. I was their mommy. They turned to me for every need - emotional and physical. It's been so long since I was called Mommy that I forgot what it was like until I saw that little pillow.

I love my role as mom but it can't compare to those beautiful, sweet days when I was Mommy.


  1. Oh Mom, you'll always be our "Mommy" even though we may not call you that anymore. I'm sure we would if it were socially acceptable for 30-40 years olds to call their mother that. You're the best Mommy ever!!!! (BTW, I'm sure I made that pillow for you)

  2. What a sweet post and oh so true. I long for the days when I was mommy sometimes, but hearing grammy is almost as good. I love your new profile picture.

  3. All 6 of your children and handfuls of grandchildren are so lucky to have a mom like you!

  4. Mary, I love this post. You are right. Something about hearing "Mommy" vs "Mom" is unquestionably special. Hugs, Hayley


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