Saturday, April 9, 2011

And They're Back

Way back in the beginning of March, I finally made it out to Striebel Pond again. It was cold and blustery - not at all pleasant - but the trip gave me great pleasure because the swans were back. Not the whole family of course. The parents must have ditched the six kids somewhere far south of here. But Mom Swan and Dad Swan were back and that's not only a sure sign of Spring but also a sure sign that soon everything would be back to normal.

Then last weekend, my second daughter, Amy, and I headed out there again and I was thrilled to see that Mom and Dad Swan have been busy building a nest. Mom Swan was preening and performing her evening toilette. It was a little worrisome though because she was so conspicuous standing there with very little foliage to camouflage and hide her.

Dad Swan spotted me right away and I know he remembered me because he soon swam off.

I spotted him again on the other side of the island with his feathers in battle fluff, reminding the geese of what would happen if they tried anything funny this year.

Then as I circled back toward their nest, I saw that Mom Swan had finished her toilette and had settled down into a much less conspicuous position.

And once again I felt like the world was turning in greased grooves. I only wish I had visited a few times during the last month to watch them build their nest.


  1. A sure sign of spring when you start having these posts. It gives me hope that one of these days it will actually stay spring for more than a day or two at a time.

  2. It was cool to finally go to Striebel Pond and see it all first hand. It was amazing to see their nest, I couldn't believe how big it is! Looking forward to watching these swans as they expand their little family once again!


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