Friday, April 15, 2011

Bird Feeding and Watching

We had such a difficult winter that I became concerned for our struggling feathered friends and finally bought a bird feeder. Within a couple of days we had a pretty respectable variety of visitors.

See how cute they are? And not only are they fun to look at, they're fun to listen to also.

Life was better despite the cold and snow but then as it began to warm up a little, we had more, less welcome visitors.

One day as I was exercising, I glanced out the window and the bird feeder was hanging sideways. I asked Mr. Right why it looked like that and he said, "oh, because there's a squirrel hanging on it". Sure enough, a squirrel had it tilted sideways so the seed could pour out more easily as he assisted it with his paw - reaching in and dragging out more and more seeds. He had his tail wrapped around the front of the feeder which for some reason added to the offensive sights.

Soon more and more squirrels came. I understand that they have to eat too and I'm really not adverse to feeding them .... except they never get full. It's unbelievable. And they're so bold. I finally started trying to scare them off. But they weren't scared of me. When I came out the door, they just looked at me while munching the birdseed that was filling their cheeks. No I had to go almost right up to them before they'd scamper off just far enough for me to leave and then they'd calmly come back.

You would think I'd have pictures of some of them but the truth is that when I saw them I spent my energies trying to get rid of them and didn't even consider photographing them.

Finally, they were so bold and so annoying that I decided it was time to take action. Tomorrow I'll write about what we decided to do and how that has worked out for us.


  1. I love looking at the variety of birds you had over the winter, they really are cute!! I love my bird feeders, and I, too, hate the pesky squirrels (as you know). lol I can't wait to hear what your solution was.

  2. I love watching the birds at our feeder. We finally had to get a squirral guard for ours. Now I'm wondering if that is what your next post will be about.

  3. I'm reading your posts in reverse order (playing catch up). You do need to borrow my dogs. Those darn squirrels can be VERY frustrating.

  4. Oh. I forgot to say, I love that shot of the cardinal where it looks like he's just falling off of the feeder.


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