Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jenna Corinne - Yesterday and Today

Today is Jenna's 15th birthday.
Jenna is an important part of this large family.
And an important part of this large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller family.
Jenna was our 10th grandchild and 4th granddaughter.
And here is Jenna through the years.  These pictures were taken approximately 9 months apart.

So you can see that Jenna has been busy growing, maturing, and changing at an incredible rate.   I've written about how she's changed in these previous posts:  20102011201220132014, and 2015. So now we're going to concentrate on Jenna in 2015.
Jenna started high school this year which was very exciting for her.  She likes it but not as much as Middle School yet.  But that doesn't stop her from working hard and getting good grades.  So far, she's always been on the Honor Roll.
She played golf on the varsity high school team and lettered since she was the number one or number two golfer at almost all her matches.  And that was after playing for the first time this year.
This year she continued playing travel softball and working very hard on her pitching because she hopes to make the varsity softball team this Spring as a Freshman.  During travel ball her batting average was over .400 and her on base percentage was over 80% if I remember right.

She enjoys spending time camping with her family although they only went once this year over Memorial Day weekend.  She especially likes fishing and is almost as good at it as her mother.
She had to make a hard choice this year to give up band where she was a percussionist because of time constraints with club and school softball and still feels bad about that - especially after the band (including her brother, Jeremy) went to Disney World this week.
She went to Gulf Shores with her mother's big family and really enjoyed spending time with all her cousins, the warm weather, and playing in the water.
She became an aunt for the 5th time and very much enjoys the time she spends with her nieces and nephews.
She was excited to get her first iPhone for Christmas!
And finally, this year she started wearing contact lenses.
And that pretty much wraps up Jenna's 2015.  I have to add, though, that Jenna is a wonderful girl! She's smart, athletic, sweet, and considerate.  We love her very much and couldn't be more proud of her.  So, Happy Birthday, Jenna!  We're hoping your day has been, and continues to be, perfect; and that the coming year is just as awesome!

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