Monday, February 12, 2018

Wade's 5th

Thursday was Wade's 5th birthday!
Wade is an important part of this large family
and an important part of this smaller but still large family
and of course a very important part of this yet smaller but still large family.
He is our 4th great grandchild and our 3rd great grandson.
I wrote about Wade in this post last year for his birthday and clicking on that link will take you to links to all his previous posts so I'll just show a few pictures here of how he's changed 'through the years'.

and talk about what's been going on in his life during the past year.
First of all, in April he and his family visited Splash Universe which he loved!
He had no fear of the water slides and would go down them non-stop if he could.
And he's getting better and better at swimming and tries very hard to keep up with his brothers.
Also he enjoys fishing and has had some great catches.

But most of all he enjoys being outside and exploring.
In May he had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  It was rough but he recovered perfectly and was very brave through the whole process.  Now he sleeps much better and no longer snores.
In August the family took a trip up north and Wade loved being on Grandpa's boat and playing on the beach.

He started preschool in September and goes three days a week
and had his first field trip later that month to a Cider Mill.
And the field trip meant his very first school bus ride.
Then, over the holidays, he and his family visited Gulf Shores with his big extended family.  He enjoyed playing with all his cousins and especially bffs, Trey and Eli.  And on this trip, he held an alligator for the first time when they visited Alligator Alley.
So you can see it was a busy year for Wade from beginning to end but there's lots more to say about him than what he did.
He's one of the sweetest most engaging little boys you could ever meet.
He's always ready to please but never steps forward to the limelight.  You'll find him near the back of the group smiling at you and waiting his turn.
He's helpful and kind especially to his little brother Knox and he's a great artist for his age.
He takes his drawing very seriously
and produces magical works of art like these.

And now I'll add what his mom had to say about him because I could not agree more or say it better, "He's doing great in preschool and his teacher just told me a couple of days ago that he counted to 50 which she was very impressed with!  As you know he's a total sweetheart but can also be a little tough guy!  He's a great listener, very smart, and a great helper!  And he loves being outside and is very athletic!"   Yep!  Agree Agree Agree!
Wade is a wonderful boy and we could not love him more!  We're so proud of his endearing, sweet personality and his helpful, loving ways!  So Happy Birthday, Wade - a few days late.  We hope your year is magical and amazing - just like you.

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