Monday, December 13, 2010

I Almost Made A Terrible Mistake

I almost made a terrible mistake today and it was really Beth's fault. Since her You Capture assignment was to 'get outside' I thought to run out and capture some interesting drifts. Now, all I had on at the time were my long pajamas and my bathrobe. But I couldn't take the time to dress because the moment might pass so I threw on some boots and headed outside.

After snapping enough pictures to get thoroughly cold, I headed back to the house. When I turned the handle and pulled on the storm door, I was quite shocked to find it locked. There's no logic there because I had just come out that door, it's not self locking, and there was nobody in the house. Then I remembered the other day when I purposely unlocked that storm door and went out the front door to retrieve the garbage bin. I planned to go out the front and come in the back. However, when I tried to come in, the storm door was locked. Once again I was bewildered but figured I must have just meant to unlock the storm door and somehow failed to do it.

Now, as I tugged on the door, I remembered what had happened the other day and I started to explore my options.

The front door was locked. I always lock it when Mr. Right leaves for work.

There was a key rock out there somewhere (that may or may not have a key in it) but in an effort to thwart thieves, I always let it mingle among the thousands of other rocks out there and I had no idea where it was. Plus everything was covered with about a foot of snow.

I didn't have a phone on me or a key. Even if I could seek shelter in the van, it was securely locked too. Seeking shelter in the van, if I could get in it, probably seems like a poor option since it was really cold outside but the poorest of options seemed good compared to the thought of walking around the neighborhood looking like I did and knocking on neighbors' doors where I would have to wait until....oh, midnight or so since Harry was working a double.

The last option was to try to break the storm door and I didn't think I'd be able to do that. I tried however by jerking and pulling on it and cursing at it and..... it opened.

Whew! Freezing to death and embarrassment averted. I think from now on I'll make it my business to get dressed before risking my life in the back yard.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is awful! I feel bad for encouraging you to go out and take pictures. I'm SO glad that you were able to get back in, I can't stand the thought of you stranded out there even for just a couple of minutes. So was the door actually unlocked, or did you use your muscles to break it??

  2. Oh, brrrrr. I go out similarly attired often and can just imagine what you must have been thinking. I'm glad you made it back in safely.

  3. Thank God you got back in!!!!


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