Tuesday, December 7, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

This is an odd one for me. I'm so immersed in my common cold misery that I feel validated in all my shortcomings. I mean, what am I supposed to do - confess that I have a cold?

But I'm being facetious here. I know it's not the cold that I need to confess to - it's what I've done with the cold that I need to own up to. I mean, did I need to repeat to myself again and again - feed a cold, starve a fever?

Did I need to leave my dumbbells stashed away in their secret hiding place in the TV cabinet?

Did I have to lay around the house all day letting everything go?

It seemed like I did. It seemed like I should rest my achy, sorry, unhappy body. And it seemed like I should feed it too. And it seemed like the only real work it needed to do was try to stay warm.

And maybe that was true. Maybe it wasn't. I might never know. What I do know though is that somewhere I needed to press forward. At some point I was going to lose the benefits of all the hard exercise I've done for the last few months. And at some point my husband was going to become less understanding about the mess around here. And, worst of all, if I kept up the bad work, at some point I'd start to gain back the weight I'd worked so hard to lose.

Then I re-found out what I already knew. The 'Hood is a good place to hang out when you're struggling or not caring or not motivated or just plain in a funk. Because lots of other people go through the same thing and they get advice and sometimes there's just that one comment that turns things around for you - one that seems like it's made more for you than the person it's directed to.

That's when things start to turn around. After hanging out there for awhile today, I put down my sorry-for-myself hanky and picked up my dumbbells. I only shredded for ten minutes but it's a start. Hopefully tomorrow I'll go a little farther but I know for sure I'll get in ten minutes again and that may not help much but it can't hurt.

So I've eaten my 'power food' chicken noodle soup and a clementine (for no points) and I'm ready to go again. I hope I can sustain this mood and attitude for at least the rest of the day (or better yet the rest of my life).

If not, I'll hang around the 'Hood some more.


  1. So...you've motivated me. I'm going to hit the treadmill or bike before I do the tworkout at 8:00. I've had the suckiest week and at some point, things have got to turn around. They have to, right?

  2. One thing I know for sure, after suffering similar, but not as bad as you, symptoms is that there is no way when you are in the middle of this "cold" that you are going to be able to work out. Not only is it physically impossible, but your body needs a few days to recover, and if you try to do really strenuous workouts, it's going to take way too much out of you and you're going to be sick even longer! You needed that time! I'm glad you only did 10 minutes your first time, I'm glad you're listening to your body! good job!!!


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