Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Capture - Holiday Magic (or Light)

Beth's You Capture subject this week is Holiday Magic (or Light). For a variety of reasons, I really didn't see myself participating but last night my newly arrived Nebraska daughter and I ventured out to look for some of that holiday magic - and light.

We found it here. Nothing says holiday magic like the words Magic of Christmas Land in holiday lights right?

Although I brushed up on shooting Christmas lights before we left, I still struggled out there. The place where we found most of our lights was right on the shore of Lake Michigan and it was windy. Although I used a tripod and got out of the car to capture each shot, the wind still added a lot of noise to my pictures.
We ventured on to one of our favorite neighborhoods and this welcoming scene caught our eye.

Then some close looks at the park-like area under the trees.

And a look from beneath the magical lights.

Finally we headed back to the park to wave good-bye to one of the residents:

Before we exited, I tried for an overview of his homeland. Technically it was not a great shot but it really did look a little magical to me.

For more Holiday Magic and Lights, visit Ishouldbefolding laundry. You might even find a little extra Christmas spirit!


  1. You definitely captured some magic. Good job! What a great excuse to seize some alone time with your daughter, too.

  2. Lovely!

    Merry Christmas, Mary! xoxo

  3. Christmas lights are hard to shoot! You did a great job - I love all the displays. Amazing!

  4. Snow and lights are just always a winning combo, I think!

  5. I'm with Brooke; Christmas lights, or nighttime photos in general, are hard to shoot and you did a fantastic job. Thank you for spreading some Christmas cheer around too!

  6. OH MY WORD! I have seen so many great holiday lights photos! I so wanna go take some ! LOL

  7. My guess is most of these were at Washington Park. We always make a pass through there on the way home from my mom's on Christmas night. Rhonda and I want to have a date with you next week. Are you up for it?

  8. I am trying to learn lights too. I practiced last night and the all week. It's really hard. I can't imagine with the wind too. I think your shots are very magical. I, especially, love the one of the park trees. Gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Beautiful shots! I love all of the pictures!


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