Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Capture - Kindred

Beth's You Capture subject this week is Kindred. I can't think of a better subject for a week that includes Thanksgiving which is so much about family.

Here we have a brother and sister interested in the same project in preparation for the big dinner.

And then reaping the rewards for their helpfulness.

And these two guys are obviously going to be the closest of friends some day.

Already they're sharing.

And then there's Grandpa who dreamed about this great grandson before he was even born. They definitely seem to share a special kindred bond.

And finally this candid shot truly epitomizes what kindred is all about.

For more and much better Kindred captures, visit Beth at Ishouldbefoldinglaundry and join in!


  1. Too too sweet!!! Love these shots.

  2. What great shots! I love them - that last one is SWEET! Hey, you could have used that for next week's - hee :D

  3. So many adorable shots! I love the one where they are licking the beaters!

  4. yes, children do that to us!!

  5. Love the shots of all the kids and the story about Grandpa's dream! And that last photo just melts my heart...

  6. so sweet! great examples of Kindred.

  7. What cute grandkids you have!

  8. All of your pictures are so awesome, it reminds me of all of the "kindred" type moments we had this past weekend. Good job capturing them!

  9. This is a great collection of beautiful family photos!

  10. LOVE!, those pictures of Jack and Grandpa! I showed them to him and he said,"Grandpa!, Go see Grandpa?" Lol....all the picture were great! Nice job capturing!



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