Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Musings

This has been a good weekend - quiet and enjoyable. We went out to eat last night and that was nice and we watched some TV and looked out at the snow and cold. For me, the best thing about that is the looking out at it and not having to be out in it. Winters, although dreaded, are not the enemies they were when I worked outside all day everyday.

UPS delivered an item the other day that was packed in a UPS box. It was so hard to open! Instead of having end flaps that I could pry up to open the box, it had perforated end flaps so that wherever I managed to pry up a part, only about one inch would open. I literally had to pry eight separate sections that were VERY firmly glued in order to get the box open.

To break the box down for recycling (I try to be green like that), the process had to be repeated on the other end.

This was all time-consuming, difficult, and annoying. What's up with that UPS? Are you going to say it's necessary to keep the box from coming open? I hope not because I would not buy that at all. One long flap, firmly glued, will stay closed no matter how carelessly you handle it.

I don't want to think that you just don't want us to re-use your box but that's what it feels like. So not only, can it not be re-used, but the difficulties in breaking it down for recycling might cause some of them to be tossed in the trash. Shame on you.

Okay, enough about that. I might be fussy because I have this terrible cold. I'm truly feeling pretty awful but there are a couple of good things about it. The first one is that I think we have to get these viruses occasionally to keep our immune systems strong. Although there are many different cold and flu viruses, getting this one will hopefully give me some resistance to future viruses of this type. The next good thing is that I'm hopeful that getting this now will mean that I won't have it at Christmas (fingers definitely crossed on this on).

Despite my illness, I wrote a guest post for The Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans. I had mentioned in a post last week that I liked the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program and Christy asked if I'd write about it. If you're interested, you can read it here. Unfortunately, with the cold I'm battling, I haven't been able to embrace the program as fully as I'd like to; but I'm still holding my own weight-wise so the couple of days that I did do it, I feel like it worked well. I think there are just a couple of times in life when it's okay to really indulge and pamper yourself and one of those times is when you're ill. That's when I comfort my aching, unhappy body almost any way I can - warmth, lethargy, and comforting foods.

I may try to shred today. I planned on doing just Level 1 to get back into it but now I feel so exhausted that I might put it off.

I better go back to bed and think about it a little bit.


  1. I hate those boxes! I usually just end up stabbing them and hoping nothing is fragile inside.
    Hope you feel better. :)

  2. I just had one of those boxes last week. Totally drove me crazy. I can't wait to go read your guest post. Take good care of yourself and give yourself time to heal before you try to exercise. We don't want any relapses. Santas Little Losers will hold down the fort this week. Feel better soon.

  3. I haven't gotten any of the boxes....yet...but I have a lot of stuff ordered and I really hope I don't get one! I hear you on being sick, it sucks! Makes everything so hard...I hope you're all better soon. I've thought the same thing, I hope being sick now means I won't be sick at Christmas.


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