Monday, March 21, 2011

One Of Those Weeks

What a week it was. We've all had them. Weeks when your head swims with all the twists and turns of events. Weeks when you wonder what could possibly happen next. And especially weeks that need to end because you can't possibly process anything else.

Of course the week wasn't all bad. It started with Firstborn Army son returning home from Iraq. That was all sweetness and good moods and relief. Shortly after his return, we got news that he'd taken possession of the car he'd shopped for when he was still in Iraq and which had all the things he wanted in a car. We were all thrilled because ever since the untimely demise of his previous car when he was deployed, we'd looked forward to him getting a well-deserved replacement.

Then, on Wednesday morning, I had shoulder surgery. This was expected but it turns out that I wasn't as well-prepared as I must have thought I was. Somehow I just didn't expect to be so debilitated.

Our granddaughter's uncle had surgery too at the University of Chicago hospital. His was a quadruple bypass and his recovery has been much more in question than mine. In fact he had to return to surgery two days later because his lung was disconnected and now they've started to ease him out of a medically induced coma.

We found out Thursday that one of our granddaughter's ex boyfriends had died of a drug overdose. This wasn't just an ex boyfriend though. He and my granddaughter were almost inseparable for over three years. He had begun to feel like part of the family. He had a million dollar smile, loved playing with Amber's many younger cousins, and had many sweet and endearing qualities. Sadly but not surprisingly it was his penchant for drugs that eventually broke them up.

Then our granddaughter's husband left for Mississippi for three weeks or so for a temporary work assignment. The last time he did this, she and their kids went along but this time there was no housing available so she stayed behind. So many of this week's events directly affected her that we're hopeful that she'll spend the time that he's away with us.

I'm hoping she'll arrive today sometime after my first physical therapy appointment and after the furnace guy leaves. There was a different outfit here Saturday to check it out and I was napping when he left but woke up when I heard his departing words to Mr. Right, "Sorry 'bout the bad news"! It was amazing that anyone truly sorry could sound so jovial but I guess it's all in the perspective.

I'm finding that I can type with both hands and that I can lift my left one up to keyboard level which is a huge improvement. Maybe I'll recover after all. Time, and my appointment today, should tell I guess.

All I know is that with the weather changing, I'm itching to get outside and tend to the yard and the flower beds and the koi ponds.

But most of all, I need Amber to come to town as soon as possible because I don't need an intact shoulder to tend to her. And right now I think she needs a shoulder to lean on even if it's all bandaged up and in a sling.

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