Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dane Robert - Through The Years

Dane Robert, our second great grandson, was born two years ago today.

Here he is pictorially through the years; however, since he only has two years so far, these pictures were taken about every three months.

Isn't he adorable?  But there's lots more about Dane than how cute he is.  In fact his mother, Amber, posted on Facebook that he's sweet, sensitive, hilarious, and athletic.  Let's see if that's true.

Sweet.  Here he is loving his Daddy and that's sweet.

Here he has his arm around his big brother as he proudly points out his new sister.  That's definitely sweet.

And here he's helping his Daddy blow out the birthday candles.  Does it get any sweeter?

Sensitive.  Here we see him baring his belly so his new friend won't be self conscious about hers.

And here we see him realizing that he's the butt of everybody's laughter.  (Even thought it was meant in the most affectionate way.)

He gets some help from his Aunt Jenna.

And keeps himself carefully covered after that.  (Sorry Daney.  I really only took the picture because of the towel puddled around your feet.  I didn't even see anything else until later.)

That was very sensitive of him.

Hilarious.  He's always been hilarious but I really started to appreciate it when he observed that everybody seemed to squint when they smiled for the camera and he started to also.  That's hilarious.

Athletic.  If there's a ball and bat in sight, he finds it and he knows what to do with it.  For example, yesterday he found the ball and bat and he found people playing catch so he waited for the game to start.
 And waited.
And waited.

Finally, his great grandma (me) decided to pitch a few to him.  He certainly knows to keep his eye on the ball.

Sometimes he had to wait for me because I was both pitcher and picture taker.

And it was challenging for him because he was both batter and catcher.

So he soon grew tired of our game and went off to seek a real ball game with real players.

Finally all the kids went for a 45 minutes hike in the woods.  On their return, Dane found the bat and ball and resumed the search for the ball game.
He didn't find it.  Instead it was time for birthday cake and presents for his step grandpa.  But at the end of the day, the last picture I took, was of Dane still patiently waiting for that ball game.

As his mother said, there are lots of other wonderful things about Dane.  For one, he's a quick learner.  He learned how to hold a baby from his Mommy.

And how to rake leaves from his Daddy.

He's also daring,


and a loving little brother to Jack.

There are many more wonderful things about Dane.  He's one of the most awesome little guys you'd ever want to meet.  And he always remembers his great grandma and grandpa when he visits.  But the most important thing about Dane today is that it's his birthday and we're hoping that it's as incredibly perfect as he is.

Happy Birthday, Dane!  We couldn't love you more!

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  1. I kept hoping this post would never end, I love it sooooo much. Dane really is one of the sweetest boys you'll ever meet! Happy Birthday, Dane, we love you so much!


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