Thursday, August 9, 2012

Marcus Joel - Through The Years

Today is our son-in-law, Marcus', birthday.  He's only been with us for about ten years so here he is pictorially through the years but not every year - maybe every couple of years or so.

And now let me say a couple of things about Marcus.  We only see him a few times a year because he lives out in the wilds of Nebraska.  Well, maybe not the wilds - he's actually between Omaha and Lincoln and they aren't very far apart.

Anyway, Marcus fit in from the moment he walked into our lives.  We first loved him because of how he loved our daughter, Lori.  

And that has never changed.

But we also love him because he's a kind and loving person.  He's always been a devoted stepfather to Lori's children.

Even when everybody is pitching in to help out.

And he'll help out wherever he's needed...... 

Whether it's cooking out - the hard way.
Helping dig a new pond for his mother-in-law.
Or quite literally giving Lori a helping hand.
He's also a good sport - very accommodating to his step kids and nieces and nephews whether they want to decorate him.

Or bury him. 
All in all, he's a perfect fit and a wonderful addition to our family.

This picture shows two important things about him - he's a devoted and loving family man and a devoted and avid sports fan - especially to Iowa State.

And he has a wife who adores and appreciates him.
And a huge family of in-laws that are glad that he's a part of it.

So Marcus, Happy Birthday!  We love you and hope you're having a wonderful day but only half as wonderful as the many, many birthdays to come.


  1. THANK YOU!!! *love*

    - Marcus

  2. Another great post, really enjoyed all of the pictures! Happy Birthday, Marcus!!!


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