Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You Capture - Play

Beth's you capture subject this week is Play.  I struggled.  While I was at Beth's this week, I shot a couple of quick pictures of Eli and Clara.

Sometimes play can be a lot of work for a two-year-old.
And Clara loves to play ball already.

Here you can see that all the toys in the world aren't as intriguing as Grandma sitting on the floor with a camera.

Finding Play at home was very challenging so I turned to the koi for help.  Here are the youngsters from the spawning just a couple of months ago. 

And here are the parents playing with their food in the pond next door.  You can see what a commotion they make.

For more Play, visit Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry.


  1. I love the expression on Eli's face in your first photo! And the koi are wonderful. Love that you photographed them actually out of the water!

  2. I love the determined look on Clara's face in that third shot. I love watching the koi fish when you give them food~what a commotion it causes.

  3. What sweetness in those faces. I love the joy on kids faces when they are at play. Very nice captures.

  4. Well now, the camera is the best toy in the world! Especially when grandma has it :) Your koi are very playful and colorful too!

  5. Love Eli's face in the first picture, and the picture of Clara coming towards you in the third one is one of my favorites of her!! Your baby koi sure are getting big...and playful! Of course the adults playing in the water is amazing, but it's not even close to watching them in person! You need to get a video of it for everyone to see!


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