Friday, August 17, 2012

Tracy Allen - Through The Years

We first met Tracy about ten years ago and he's felt like part of our family ever since (although he didn't make it official until a little over eight years ago when he married our daughter, Amy).

And today is his birthday.  I typically show pictures of the birthday subject 'through the years' which is difficult for some of the newer members of the family.  However, Tracy's family and then our daughter has been generous about sharing his pictures starting when he was quite young.

So here's Tracy, pictorially, through the years.

There are lots of interesting things about Tracy starting with his interests.  First of all, you couldn't help but notice that in his first two pictures he's holding dogs.  What those pictures don't show is that his love for holding dogs has never waned.

Of course he has many other interests which include but aren't limited to (as you can see) camping, fishing, and partying in his garage.

He's a real family guy at heart and embraced his role as step dad to Amy's kid from the get go.

Ditto for his role as step granddad for he now has three step grandchildren!

He's also helpful.


And hard-working.

But most of all he loves to laugh.  You would be hard pressed to find somebody who enjoys a good time more than Tracy.

So Tracy, here's wishing you a very happy birthday.  We're proud and happy to have you in our family and we love you like a son-in-law.

Actually that last paragraph was in deference to Tracy's love for a good laugh.  Really, Tracy we love you like a son and hope your birthday is amazing.

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  1. I can't even tell you how much I love this post!!
    Of course the pictures are amazing, too! Thanks so much! Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!


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