Monday, August 20, 2012

You Capture - A Photo A Day

Beth's You Capture challenge this weeks was to take 'a photo a day' and I loved it.  It was fun taking pictures of whatever or whoever was close at hand even when, as in the first day, I forgot until the very last minute.

By the time I got outside it was drizzly and almost dark.  I didn't go farther than a few steps out the back door and captured the pond just before fish bedtime.
The next few days were a little easier.  Beth's terribly injured ankle is an awful thing but there was one bright side for me.  Not only do I get to spend more time with her and the kids, but there were many more photo ops than I would have found at home.  Here's Eli on Tuesday being the adorable little guy that he almost always is.

And here's Clara on Wednesday being just as cute as she almost always is.
On Thursday, I drove Beth to her physical therapy appointment and then we stopped by the school to check the class rosters posted at the front door.  The hard thing was that Beth had to take her pictures from the car because it's so hard to take pictures while being supported by crutches.  But I did get a picture of her taking pictures (it's my thumbnail) and this picture of her coming back to the car after double checking the rosters with the kids

Friday I was home so I turned, once again, to my backyard.  It's kind of sad that the Autumn Joy Sedum are starting to turn already.

Saturday we went to our son-in-law's birthday party.  There were many well-behaved children there but I was most impressed by these very well-behaved rottweilers.  Here they are waiting for permission to join the crowd.

And finally on Sunday evening it seems appropriate to close with a sunset picture.

To see quite clearly how lots of other people's weeks went, visit Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry.


  1. These are great. It's nice to see Beth has excellent help!

  2. Love the picture every day idea! Too much fun, and I'm very happy to see that our doggies made it into your blog! yay!

  3. These are great! I'm impressed with the well behaved dogs! Your grandchildren are adorable (but I know you already know that.) :) And the sunset is gorgeous.

  4. You have the most beautiful yard! I wish for landscaping like that some day. And I love to see pictures of Beth and her kiddos on your blog, it gives us a different perspective than we get from reading her blog.

  5. Aw those pups look SO well behaved! And those flowers look very interesting, not sure I have ever seen that type before. Looks like you had a fun week :)


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