Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reno Week, Day 6

Day 6 - 2 days to go and about 6 weeks worth of work.  I'd be hard pressed to guess how many times we've all wished Dan were here.  He's the original honey badger when it comes to getting work done and to see Dave, Dan, and Chris in action would have been a sight to behold.  We're convinced that we would have been able to get a good start on the inside renovations if he could have made it and he would have given anything to be here.  But unfortunately his battalion is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and as the commander, he knew where he had to be.

So I mentioned in the last post that an amazing work crew arrived last night right?  Well, here's proof - a budding honey badger if I ever saw one.  He don't care.  He doesn't even let a broken arm stop him. 
And his brother worked even harder removing the forms from the driveway and sidewalks.
Here Patty and Katie start the driveway and flower bed clean up. And (GASP) here Dave is actually starting the siding!!!!  How is that even possible?!
Meanwhile on the north side of the house our son-in-law Mike takes over the window removal duty.
 The east side is wrapped and ready to go.
And the siding is starting to move up the front of the house.
 Dave stays focused.
 And friendly.
Mary continues to be as helpful as possible.
 And Eli keeps an eye out for intruders.
While I pretty much ran around like a chicken with her head cut off.  I tried to take pictures, run errands, assist outside, and generally be as helpful as possible.  And sometimes when my sweet grandchildren needed an ice cream cone, I was happy to oblige (and make certain that everybody else got one too).

Or if there was a crying child as I passed through, I liked to take a minute to see if I could provide comfort....and sometimes that was very gratifying.
And outside the hustle and activity never waned.
 Here's Anna, the official hauler of roots and other things undesirable.
And all the while the guys worked and suddenly the front was sided and Steve worked and the new porch light was installed and Patty and the kids worked and the spirea was moved from in front of the windows to the blank areas near the end of the house and things seemed to be really coming together.
And it's a good thing because there's only one day to go!  In fact tomorrow morning some of our helpers have to leave....


  1. Dang, even though I was there, these posts are so much fun!!!! Keep it up please! :)

  2. That unknown person was me! Sarah!


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